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100 Most Used English Words With Bengali Meaning (Beginner)

If you are a beginner and want to learn the English language, these 100 most used English words with meaning will definitely help you to begin your journey. In this article, I have mentioned the most useful 100 English words with meanings that you will find everywhere to be used. 

These are words that most native and non-native users are using worldwide. As a beginner in learning the English language, you should know them which is great to be started. At the same time, try to keep remembering the meaning of these useful words. 

But remember, these are not only the word that people use frequently. instead, there are many more that I did not mention here in this chart. If you want to learn more important English words, you can check the word list here. 

So, let’s dive into the chart below and memorize it instantly. 

Table of Contents

Most Used English Words

English Word Bengali Meaning
I আমি
You তুমি
A/ AN একটি
Not না
Do কর
He সে
It ইহা
In মধ্যে
That যাওয়া
We আমরা
This এই
For জন্যে
Go য়াওয়া
She সে (স্তী লি.)
What কি
Can পারা
Want চাওয়া
Marry বিবাহ
On উপরে
Get পাওয়া
And এবং
Know জানা
They তারা
Think চিন্ত করা/ মনে করা
Like মত/ পছন্দ করা
Tell বলা
About সম্পকে
Time সময়
See দেখা
Come আসা
Out বাহির
How কেমন
Here এখানে
Say বলা
Make তৈরি করা
Up উপরে
Take লওয়া
Look তাকানো
If যদি
From থেকে
Need প্রয়োজন
Should উচিৎ
When কখন
By দ্বারা/ মধ্য দিয়ে
Help সাহায্য করা
Give দেওয়া
Work কাজ করা
As যেহেতু
Why কেন
With সাথে

I hope these 100 English words with meaning will help you to begin your English language learning journey with hope. And, comment down below what are the other words that I can add to this chart. 

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