100 Most Used Informal Contraction In English: Speak Like Native

Informal Contraction

Do you really want to learn the way how to speak English faster? If your answer is YES, then this lesson is surely for you. In this lesson on Informal Contraction, you will learn some interesting ways to make sure your fastest fluency. So, let’s learn some important informal contractions to Improve Your English Fluency … Read more

Street Lights Vs Streetlights: Are They Express Similar Meaning?

Street Lights Vs Streetlights: Which Illuminates Your Path Better?

Street lights or streetlights? Have you ever wondered about the correct spelling of these commonly used words? Are they the same, or are there any differences between the two? While both refer to the illumination fixtures lining our roads and paths, their subtle differences might reflect variations in usage, context, or regional preferences. Understanding whether … Read more

Important Word For Writing: Increase Readership & Coherence

Word for Writing

Briefing on Word for Writing: Once you have figured out the techniques of Persuasive Writing you can write with confidence. For this, you will need to find some words and Phrases that definitely help you to write the paper convincingly. Therefore, Using phrases like “I Think” Or “It Seems That” doesn’t convey a sense of … Read more

Appropriate Preposition For Competitive Exam (Complete List)

Appropriate Preposition

Preposition Before going through the list of appropriate prepositions, let’s discuss something about Prepositions and their importance. Appropriate Preposition Different prepositions are used with the same word to give different meanings. In addition, it is specified the issue of which preposition is going to give you the specific meaning, and these specifications are called Appropriate … Read more

100 Magic Words in English – Must Know Vocabulary

Magic Words in English

In this lesson, you are going to learn some magic word in English that will definitely make you delighted as a learner. All these words are combined with two words. The meaning of the words is changed with their placement. Different places of the word will give different meanings.    The interesting thing is the … Read more

1500 Most Common English Word With Bengali Meaning

Most Common English Word

These are the most common English word that have been used all over the world. People of different areas who speak English are always using these words the most. For this, these words have been chosen for the learner so that they can use them when they need them. From this list of the most common … Read more

IPA Sound – Guide Fo English International Phonetic Alphabets

IPA Sound

What Is IPA Sound?  There are 26 alphabets in the English Language but 44 sounds that help us to pronounce all the words in the English Language are divided into two sounds called Vowel Sounds and Consonant Sounds. Plus, there are 24 Consonant Sounds and 20 Vowel Sounds which are called Monophthong, Diphthong, and Tripothong. … Read more

Oxford 3000 English Words With Meaning l Chosen For Learner

Oxford 3000 Words in English with Bengali Meaning (A)

3000 words is a crucial list of words known as Oxford 3000 English words, selected by a group of language experts and experienced teachers.  These words have been chosen for their usefulness and popularity among English language users around the world.  There are thousands of words. You cannot memorize all the words of English. As … Read more

Top 50 English Pronoun List With Meaning & Definition

English Pronoun List

These are the English pronoun list that has been using all over the world. People from different areas who speak English are always using these pronouns the most. For this, these pronouns have been chosen for the learner so that they can use them when they need them. From this list of the most common … Read more

Top 500 English Adjectives With Meaning & Definition

English Adjective

English Adjectives words are used to describe any situation, bedside, good side, conditions, and many more. Every English language learners need to know about adjective words to continue their conversation.  In this article, I have gathered a full English adjectives list that will help you to learn the English Language quickly and easily.  English Adjectives … Read more

Top 1000 English Verbs List With Meaning & Definition

Verb in English

Among all types of English words, Verbs are one of the most essential words to make a complete sentence. Besides, without using a ver, you cannot finish any sentences. Below, I have given a complete English verbs list.  If you read and memorize these useful verbs, you will be able to make any sentences. Plus,  you … Read more

1000 Common English Phrases With meaning & Example

English Phrases with meaning

English Phrases  In this list of phrases, you will learn some most important English phrases that would help you to make wonderful sentences. If you can learn these English phrases with meaning, definitely you will be more confident when you speak. Another important matter is that Native speakers use a huge amount of phrases when … Read more

Top 50 English Prepositions List With Meaning & Definition

English Prepositions List

These are the English Prepositions List that has been used all over the world. People from different areas who speak English are always using these verbs the most. For this, these prepositional words have been chosen for the learner so that they can use them when they need them. From this list of the most … Read more

English Compound Words To Increase Your Vocabulary Naturally

Compound Word Meaning

Compound Word Bengali Meaning RailWayRailway RainBowRainbow RainCheckRaincheck RainCoatRaincoat RainDropRaindrop RainStormRainstorm RainWaterRainwater RattleSnakeRattlesnake RattleTrapRattletrap RepairManRepairman RiverBanksRiverbanks SailBoatSailboat SalesClerkSalesclerk SandLotSandlot SandStoneSandstone SaucePanSaucepan ScapeGoatScapegoat ScareCrowScarecrow SchoolBookSchoolbook SchoolBoySchoolboy SchoolHouseSchoolhouse SchoolWorkSchoolwork SeaShoreSeashore SetBackSetback ShareCropperSharecropper SharpShooterSharpshooter SheepSkinSheepskin ShoeLaceShoelace ShoeMakerShoemaker ShortBreadShortbread ShowOffShowoff ShowPlaceShowplace SideBurnsSideburns SideKickSidekick SideShowSideshow SideWalkSidewalk SilverSmithSilversmith SisterHoodSisterhood SkateBoardSkateboard SkinTightSkintight SkyLarkSkylark SkyLightSkylight SkyScraperSkyscraper SlapStickSlapstick SlowDownSlowdown SlumLordSlumlord SnakeSkinSnakeskin রেলউপায়রেলপথ বৃষ্টিনমরামধনু বৃষ্টিচেকরেইনচেক বৃষ্টিকোটরেইনকোট বৃষ্টিড্রপরেইনড্রপ বৃষ্টিঝড়ঝড় বৃষ্টি বৃষ্টিজলবৃষ্টির জল ফাঁদসাপরেটলস্নেক ফাঁদফাঁদরেটলট্র্যাপ মেরামতমানুষমেরামতকারী নদীব্যাংকরিভারব্যাঙ্কস পালনৌকানৌযান বিক্রয়কেরানিবিক্রয়ক্লর্ক বালুঅনেকস্যান্ডলট বালুপ্রস্তরবেলেপাথর সসপ্যানকড়া স্কেপছাগলবলির ছাগল ভয়কাককাকতাড়ুয়া বিদ্যালয়বইস্কুলের বই বিদ্যালয়ছেলেস্কুলবয় বিদ্যালয়গৃহস্কুলঘর বিদ্যালয়কাজস্কুল কর্ম সমুদ্রকূলসমুদ্র উপকূল সেটপেছনেধাক্কা ভাগ করুনফসলেরশেয়ারক্রপার তীক্ষ্ণশুটারশার্পশুটার ভেড়াত্বকভেড়া চামড়া জুতোজরিজুতো জুতোমেকারজুতো প্রস্তুতকারক সংক্ষিপ্তরুটিশর্টব্রেড দেখানবন্ধদম্ভ দেখানো দেখানস্থানশোপ্লেস সাইডপোড়াসাইডবার্নস সাইডলাথিসাইডিকিক সাইডদেখানসিডশো সাইডহাঁটুনফুটপাত রৌপ্যস্মিথসিলভারস্মিথ বোনঘোমটাবোনতা স্কেটবোর্ডস্কেটবোর্ড ত্বকটাইটআঁট … Read more

Top 500 British Vs American Words – A Full List With Meaning

British Vs American Words

Top 500 British Vs American Words   In the English language, there are some differences between British and American English. As they live on two continents, it is a common issue that their language should have some individualism. This is very obvious that there are some words that are spoken and used in England but not … Read more

English Business Words Used In Trading With Meaning

Business Words

In this lesson, you are going to learn some English words related to banking, trade, and commerce. English business words list is going to help you to understand as well as communicate with business people. These are important English business words that are selected as they are used by banking and business personalities. They have … Read more

What is Prefix and Suffix Mean? Definitive Guide With Examples

Prefix and Suffix

What is Prefix Mean? -Prefix and Suffix Are you confused about what prefix and suffix mean? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here I will clarify these two terms with a clear definition. Therefore, a prefix is a type of word part that ads at the front of a word and thus … Read more

100 Most Used English Words With Bengali Meaning (Beginner)

100 English Words

If you are a beginner and want to learn the English language, these 100 most used English words with meaning will definitely help you to begin your journey. In this article, I have mentioned the most useful 100 English words with meanings that you will find everywhere to be used.  These are words that most … Read more

Interesting Word In English – You Must Be Crazy

Some Interesting word

Briefing on these interesting word Learn with fun’ this saying is compatible when anybody learning a language with this interesting word list. Because, if you don’t find any sort of fascination with something it’s going to be hard for you to acquire the thing. Here I have mentioned some interesting words in the English Language. … Read more

Most Important English Proverbs (Beginner to Advanced)

English Proverb

Most important English Proverbs with Bengali Meaning The English Proverbs are very important to know for any English learner. people around the world are using so many proverbs while speaking to each other. So, if you want to be able to communicate easily and comfortably then you must know some important and useful proverbs that … Read more

Top 200 English Adverbs With Meaning & Definition

English Adverb

English Adverbs   These are many English adverbs that have been used all over the world. People from different areas who speak English are always using these adverbs the most. For this, these adverbs have been chosen for the learner so that they can use them when they need them. From this list of the most … Read more

How to Improve your English Speaking Skills – Be Language expert with Native Speak

how to improve your English speaking skills

Briefing on how to improve your English speaking skills If you want to learn English by yourself, you need to know how to improve your English speaking skills. In this regard, I have shared my ideas of the 14 best ways to be an expert in English and practice without any partner. পার্টনার ছাড়াই (Spoken … Read more

Teaching Methods – Teach English Through Story Telling

Best Method of Teaching

First: Briefing on the Best Teaching Methods As a child, I loved sitting on my grandmother’s lap while she read me stories. I remember most of them even though I am now a father! As a child, I was blissfully unaware that, as I listened to the stories, I was also learning new words and … Read more

Confusing English Words – Learn Vocabulary with Their Meaning

English Confusing words

English Confusing words Confusing English Words always make people confused to understand by listening to others because there are some words that pronounce the same but their meaning is completely different than each other. In the English language, there are thousands of confusing vocabulary. From them, here we mention some of them selected by their … Read more

Grammar Images – Best Image Resources for Learning English Language

Grammar Images

The images that have been listed in this lesson are precious to use for learning English grammar. If you want to examine your capability in English grammar, the Grammar test in English can help you in this regard. In addition, most of these images are for intermediate learners. So, if you are an intermediate pupil … Read more

Invitation Letter – How do You write Invite people?

Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter – How do You write Invite people? Briefing on the Invitation Letter Invitation letters are used to invite people to any ceremony. You may need this sample letter when you arrange a program at your campus or anywhere. this invitation letter is designed to invite guests, especially for the organizational programs. There are … Read more