LUMIX G7 vs G85 – A Comprehensive Expert Review

You can capture stunning images and videos with the help of the LUMIX G7 and LUMIX G85 cameras. However, deciding which is the finest is difficult because they have unique and similar features. 

To help you and make your decision effortless, I have provided some crucial distinctions below in detail. 

First, let’s inspect the following part about their differences.

What are the Differences Between LUMIX  G7 vs LUMIX  G85? 



The LUMIX G85 offers a durable chassis made almost entirely of magnesium and is splash and dust protected. The polycarbonate body of the LUMIX G7 camera is not stable.
It has a brand-new shutter with an electromagnetic drive that is shockproof. With the LUMIX G7, The shutter is pushed by shock rather than being improved.
You’ll find a 5-axis image stabilization feature with the G85. With the LUMIX G85, you get optical Stabilization system
L. Monochrome is the standard style that comes with the G85 camera. The G7 offers a typical Monochrome design.
In every second, LUMIX, G85 can shoot up to 9 images. The continuous drive speed of LUMIX G7 is only 7.
The 16MP image sensor of the G85 has an anti-aliasing filter. The LUMIX G7’s 16MP sensor doesn’t provide any improvements.
330 photos may be taken with a single charge of the LUMIX G85. The LUMIX G7 can take 350 pictures on a single full charge.
LUMIX G85 weighs 505 grams. LUMIX G7 is a lightweight camera and weighs only 415 grams.
The ISO sensitivity range for the LUMIX G85 is 200 to 25600. With the LUMIX G7, images with an ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 25600 can be captured.
Best for

  • 5-axis image stabilization
  • Weather-sealed body

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Best for

  • Battery power
  • lightweight

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So, you can see from the above chart that the LUMIX G85 has some additional features that the G7 lacks. It would also be ideal if you brought the G85 camera. 

Are you still not convinced of the LUMIX G85’s best features? Then go to the bottom part.

Why Do I Expose LUMIX G85?

  • The LUMIX G85 can capture 9 images per second. However, the LUMIX G7 will only permit you to shoot at a speed of 7 frames per second. Therefore, the LUMIX G85 can capture some outstanding images, even of moving things.
  • The standard L.Monochrome mode you will get with the LUMIX G85 offers to make your shots appear cinematic. The sad thing is that you will not get this unique feature with the G7, while the G7 comes with a Normal Monochrome style.
  • The LUMIX G85 sports a sturdy body made entirely of a magnesium alloy chassis and is splash and dust resistant. Because of this, the LUMIX G7’s metal body is not weather-resistant.
  • 5-axis image stabilization feature you will get with G85. Its improved image stabilization program will enable you to snap sharp pictures when your hands are trembling. On the other side, the G7 camera does not have this capability.
  • The 16MP image sensor of the LUMIX G85 includes a superb anti-aliasing filter, which boosts the resolution of your gadget by 10% and produces great pictures. In contrast, the G7 does not have an improved filter.

Due to its five-axis image stabilization, weather-sealed casing, and continuous drive speed, the device may be employed with the LUMIX G85 camera.

Other Specification Chart of LUMIX  G7 vs LUMIX  G85

Specification Panasonic G85 Panasonic G7
Editor’s rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Touchscreen  Yes  yes
Sensor type CMOS sensor CMOS sensor
Wi-Fi  Yes  Yes 
Image sensor 16 megapixels 16 megapixels
LCD monitor 3.00”   3.00”
Color  Black  Black 
Video recording 4K 4K
White balance Auto  Auto 
Viewfinder type  Built-in electronic  Built-in electronic
Warranty  1 year limited  1 year limited

Features of LUMIX  G7 vs LUMIX  G85

Let’s discuss the Panasonic Lumix G7 and G85’s other essential features.

Design and Display Type

The 3-inch LCD displays of the Lumix G7 and G85 are black. They both have excellent LCD touch-screen devices. Thanks to these touchable screens, you can easily configure your camera’s function with your finger. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity 

Now, let’s talk about the connectivity of these devices. The Panasonic G7 and G85 cameras support Wi-Fi connectivity. As a result, the main benefit of having Wi-Fi access is that sharing images with buddies will only take a short moment.

Video Resolution

Professional videographers are interested in filming 4k footage since they do not feel comfortable shooting 1080p or HD videos. The Panasonic G7 and G85 come with this 4K video recording facility. So, if you go with any one of them, you can record some excellent and high-quality videos.

Effective Image Sensor

If you are talking about image sensors, the Lumix G86 and the Lumix G7 come with the same 16 megapixels as a compelling image sensor. The camera also will enable you to take beautiful and realistic photographs.


The Lumix G7 and the Lumix G85 come with a one-year limited warranty. Once you’ve bought one of these cameras, you can get it fixed for free during the allotted time if you experience any issues with it.


The LUMIX G85 is the premiere edition camera. You will receive some sophisticated features with this camera that the LUMIX G7 does not offer. 

For example, the device has a 5-axis image stabilization plus 9-pictures every second, and many more. So, if you go with the Panasonic LUMIX G85, you can take some premium images. 

Finally, we encourage you to pick the Panasonic Lumix G85 camera for the above features and their benefits. 

But, if you’re not delighted with my ideas, you can adopt the G7.

Frequently asked questions about LUMIX  G7 vs LUMIX  G85

Is there a warranty for the G7?

After purchasing these cameras, the G7 camera comes with a 1-year limited warranty. If you find any trouble with this device, you can fix it for free in this allotted time. 

Can the G85 be used with a crop sensor?

Yes, the G85 allows the use of crop sensors, and this tool enables the use of inexpensive filters. Plus, the wide-angle lenses are highly prominent in this.

Does the G85 have a 4K camera?

No, it cannot take 4K pictures. But it can deliver high-quality images because a 16MP image sensor with an excellent anti-aliasing filter is included with LUMIX G85. This will increases your device’s resolution by 10% and give you some fantastic snaps. 

Does the G7 have Chinese language support?

It does support traditional Chinese programming on this camera.

Is a touchable display there on the LUMIX G85?

Yes, the LUMIX G85 boasts a 3.00″ LCD touchscreen that you can use to shoot amazing pictures from all angles and can see them clearly.

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