How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones?

How To Find Hidden Cameras Using Mobile Phones

Imagine walking into a hotel room, Airbnb, or even your own home, and instantly knowing whether there are hidden cameras discreetly observing your every move. With the advancements in mobile technology, this is no longer a far-fetched fantasy, but a reality that is accessible to anyone with a smartphone. By leveraging the capabilities of your … Read more

How To Screenshot On Google Pixel 4?

How to Screenshot on Google Pixel 4

Whether it’s for saving important information or sharing a funny conversation, knowing how to screenshot on Google Pixel 4 can be quite handy. To screenshot on Google Pixel 4, simultaneously press the power and volume down buttons. To take a screenshot on your Google Pixel 4, press the power and volume down buttons at the … Read more

How To Turn off Google Assistant Voice On Android?

How to Turn off Google Assistant Voice on Android

Wondering how to turn off Google Assistant’s voice on your Android device? Then this article is for you.  To turn off Google Assistant voice on Android, go to your device’s settings, select “Google,” then “Search, Assistant & Voice,” and tap “Voice.” Finally, disable the “Google Assistant” option. By following a few simple steps, you can … Read more

How To Turn Off Talkback On Samsung With Buttons? Quick Solutions

Turn off Talkback on Samsung

Are you struggling with how to turn off TalkBack on your Samsung device using just the buttons? Fear not! In this concise guide, I’ll walk you through the simple steps to disable TalkBack swiftly and regain control of your device’s functionality. To turn off Talkback on Samsung with buttons, simultaneously press and hold the Volume … Read more

Google Pixel 4A vs Samsung S20 – Which Cell Phone You Should Choose?

Google Pixel 4A vs Samsung S20

Samsung S20 and Google Pixel 4A are superb numerical smartphones with stunning features. However, you may need clarification when choosing the best one as they share many excellent properties.  To assist in your decision, I will explain everything in detail, so you know all the necessary features and benefits. So, let’s see the difference first.  … Read more