How Do I Reset My Powerbeats Pro? Quick & Easy Guide

Are you experiencing issues with your Powerbeats Pro and need to reset them?Whether you’re dealing with connectivity problems or other technical issues, knowing how to reset your Powerbeats Pro can help resolve these issues.

To reset your Powerbeats Pro, place both earbuds in the case and keep the lid open for 15 seconds. Then close the lid and wait for 30 seconds before reopening it.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the simple steps to reset your Powerbeats Pro so you can quickly get back to enjoying your music without any interruptions. Let’s dive in and get your Powerbeats Pro back on track.

How Do I Reset My Powerbeats Pro: Quick & Easy Guide

Checking Powerbeats Pro Charge

One common issue users face is the need to reset the device. But before you do that, it’s important to check the charge of your Powerbeats Pro. 

Inspecting Charging Case

To inspect the charging case, follow these steps:

  • Ensure the charging case has enough power. You can do this by checking the LED lights on the charging case. If all four lights are on, it’s fully charged. If only one light is on, it’s low on charge.
  • Open the lid of the charging case.
  • Check the charging contacts on the case and earbuds for any debris or damage. If you see any debris or damage, use a clean, dry cloth to remove it.
  • Place the earbuds back in the charging case and close the lid. The LED lights on the case will indicate the charge level of the earbuds.

Verifying Earbuds Charge

To verify the earbuds’ charge, do the following:

LED lights on earbuds Charge status
All four white lights Fully charged
One to three white lights Partially charged
One red light Critical battery level, needs to be charged immediately


Resetting Powerbeats Pro

Whether you are experiencing connectivity issues or any other problems, a reset can often resolve these issues. Read on to learn how to prepare for and perform a reset of your Powerbeats Pro.

Preparing For Reset

To reset your Powerbeats Pro, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that your Powerbeats Pro are charged.
  • Place the earphones in the case and leave the case lid open.
  • Ensure that your device is within close proximity to the Powerbeats Pro.

Performing The Reset Process

To perform the reset process, follow these instructions:

  1. Place both earphones in the case and make sure the case is charging.
  2. Press and hold the button on the case for 15 seconds.
  3. When the Fuel Gauge flashes, release the button.
  4. After the reset, the Fuel Gauge will blink white.

Reconnecting Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats Pro is a popular wireless earphone model, known for its sound quality and comfortable fit. However, there may be times when you need to reset your Powerbeats Pro to resolve connection issues or other problems. 

Reconnecting To Device

If you are facing connectivity problems with your Powerbeats Pro, here are the steps to reconnect them to your device:

  • Make sure your Powerbeats Pro are charged and turned on.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings on your device.
  • Locate the Powerbeats Pro in the list of available devices and tap on it.
  • If prompted, enter the passcode provided with your Powerbeats Pro.
  • Wait for the connection to establish, and you should be able to use your Powerbeats Pro again.

Testing The Connection

After reconnecting your Powerbeats Pro to your device, it is important to test the connection to ensure everything is working fine. Here are some steps to test the connection:

  1. Play some music or a video on your device.
  2. Make sure the audio is coming through the Powerbeats Pro and not the device’s speakers.
  3. Adjust the volume on your Powerbeats Pro to ensure it is at a comfortable level.
  4. Try moving around the room to check if the connection remains stable.
  5. If you experience any issues, such as audio cutting out or poor sound quality, you may need to repeat the reconnection process or contact customer support for further assistance.

Updating Powerbeats Pro Firmware

Powerbeats Pro is a popular wireless earphone model developed by Apple’s Beats Electronics. As with any electronic device, there may be times when you need to reset your Powerbeats Pro to troubleshoot issues or restore them to their default settings. 

Checking For Updates

To ensure that your Powerbeats Pro are up to date and functioning optimally, it is essential to check for firmware updates regularly. Follow these steps to check for updates:

  • Make sure your Powerbeats Pro are connected to your device via Bluetooth.
  • Open the “Settings” app on your device.
  • Select “General” and then choose “About.”
  • Scroll down to find your Powerbeats Pro listed under “Devices.”

Updating Firmware

Updating the firmware of your Powerbeats Pro can resolve performance issues and provide bug fixes. Follow these steps to update the firmware:

  1. Ensure your Powerbeats Pro are charged and connected to your device.
  2. Open the “Settings” app on your device.
  3. Select “Bluetooth” and find your Powerbeats Pro in the list of paired devices.
  4. If an update is available, you will see an option to install it. Tap on the update prompt to initiate the firmware update.

Contacting Support

Powerbeats Pro are one of the most popular wireless earbuds in the market. They are designed for athletes and people who love to stay active. However, like any other electronic device, they can also have some issues and may require resetting. 

Troubleshooting With Apple Support

If you are facing issues with your Powerbeats Pro, the first thing you should do is to contact Apple Support. They have a team of experts who can help you troubleshoot the problem. Here are the steps to contact Apple Support:

  • Visit the Apple Support website.
  • Select your country or region.
  • Choose Powerbeats Pro from the list of products.
  • Select the issue you are facing.
  • Choose the contact option that suits you the best.

Once you have contacted Apple Support, they will guide you through the troubleshooting process. They may ask you to perform some basic troubleshooting steps like resetting your Powerbeats Pro, updating the firmware, or checking for any physical damage. If the issue is still not resolved, they may guide you through some advanced troubleshooting steps or suggest you seek further assistance.

Seeking Further Assistance

If you have tried the basic and advanced troubleshooting steps and your Powerbeats Pro is still not working, you may need to seek further assistance. Here are some options:

Option Description
Visit an Apple Store You can visit the nearest Apple Store and get your Powerbeats Pro checked by an expert.
Contact an Authorized Service Provider You can find an authorized service provider near you and get your Powerbeats Pro repaired.
Buy a new pair If your Powerbeats Pro is not covered under warranty, you can buy a new pair.

Before seeking further assistance, make sure that your Powerbeats Pro is charged and updated to the latest firmware. Also, make sure that you have followed all the basic troubleshooting steps suggested by Apple Support.


Resetting your Powerbeats Pro is a simple process that can resolve various issues. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily troubleshoot any connectivity or performance issues with your Powerbeats Pro. Remember to refer back to this article whenever you encounter any issues with your Powerbeats Pro.

FAQs Of How Do I Reset My Powerbeats Pro? 

How To Do A Hard Reset On Beats?

To perform a hard reset on Beats, press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously for 10 seconds.

How To Reset Beats Buds Pro?

To reset Beats Buds Pro, place them in the charging case for 15 seconds. Open the case, press and hold the button until the LED flashes.

How To Hard Reset Beat Flex?

To hard reset Beats Flex, hold power and volume down buttons for 10 seconds until LED flashes.

How Do I Reset My Powerbeats High Performance?

To reset your Powerbeats high performance, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

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