5 Best Hitch for Nissan Rogue: Expert Review

As you have clicked the link, you must be wondering to purchase Best Hitch for Nissan Rogue. If it is, then you are at the exact place. I have detailed everything in this article to choose a better trailer hitch.

Finding an excellent hitch to adjust with your Nissan Rogue will assist you in many ways. So, to ensure your safety and get a better user experience, you need a robust device.

And I have mentioned some of the best hitches with the essential features and their explanation. 

What to Look for in Nissan Rogue Hitch?

Before buying a better hitch for your Nissan Rogue, you should know what to consider to purchase it. 

Construction of the Best Hitch for Nissan Rogue

If your hitch is not robust enough, you must suffer, which may harm your car with massive destruction. So, when you are about to purchase a device, see whether the tool is well constructed or not.


Look does matter when it comes to the appearance of your favorite Nissan. But unfortunately, some hitch can not be placed under the bumper. So, when you go for a hitch, be sure if you can set it under the bumper beforehand.

Towing capacity

Not all cars can tow the same load. That is why you need to know about your car’s moving capacity. Therefore, the Nissan Rogue can shift around 13,500 lbs. So, do not overtake the amount.


It is great to have a hitch that you can adjust with various trailers; it lets you carry cargo carriers, RV, bike rack, and many more. And thus, you can save your penny as you get more options. 

So, try to purchase a hitch that offers multiple usabilities. 


Doesn’t it sound great if you get a trailer hitch that lets you have an easy installation? So, use a device that will decrease your installation cost and set it up yourself. 

Best Hitch for Nissan Rogue

You may find it hard to choose a better hitch for your Nissan rogue that provides you with towing security. For your assistance, I have brought a list of some excellent hitch collections that will give you a fantastic user experience. So, let’s dive into the list below.

1. CURT 13377 Trailer Hitch Class 3 – My Pick

A tough job needs a robust tool to finish; that’s what you will have with the Curt 13377 trailer hitch class 3. So, if you are wondering about a hitch that will provide you with towing heavy weight, I would highly recommend you consider the Curt 13377.

This device can easily pick up trucks, sport-utility vehicles, etc. And it is designed with Alloy Steel materials that make it strong enough to let you use the tool for an extended period. 

Moreover, this device is welded with skilled manual and robotic welding, strengthening its robustness and compatibility. 

One of the best features of Curt 13377 is its carrying ability. It can bear 3,500 lbs gross trailer weight, and 525 lbs tongue weight is convenient for you when you need to move a heavy load. And the maker deserves thanks for its weight capacity, around 2,000 to 20,000 lbs. 

In addition, another essential feature that you need from a better trailer hitch is its versatile usability. Therefore, the Curt 13377 comes with a Two-inches x two-inches hitch receiver that will allow you to make more choices while using it. 

For example, the Curt 13377 allows a ball mount, tow hook, cargo carrier, bike rack, and much more.

Besides, it offers factory and custom fit with Rogue Sport and Nissan Qashqai, ensuring an easy installation method. So, if you go with the Curt 13377, you can customize it according to your vehicle attachment. 

Curt 13377 combined with co-cured Bonderite coating and black powder finish will save you from oxidization, UV rays, etc. 

Security must get priority when choosing a trailer hitch. Its 2″ receiver tube comes with high dependability or reliability in terms of safety and is tested by SAE J684. 

Therefore, I would say that the Curt 13377 is such a class-3 trailer hitch that offers boundless usability for you, which is more convenient than most other tools. So, you can think about it to get a convenient user experience.  


  • Designed with Alloy Steel materials 
  • 3,500 lbs GTW and 525 lbs TW
  • It offers a wide variety of towing options
  • Accepting a ball mount, tow hook, cargo carrier, bike rack, and much more
  • Factory and custom fit compatible 
  • Easy to install 
  • Weight Distribution Compatible
  • Bonderite Coating
  • Tested safety following SAE J684


  • Some users find it difficult to install, but the user manual can assist you
  • It may need to customize the hitch to fit properly

2. Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Class III 

If you plan to make your vacation more memorable and look for the Best Hitch for Nissan Rogue, I have an effortless solution. The Draw-Tite Class III trailer hitch can bear your carriages for its heavy-weight capacity.  

The combination of the production materials must make a wild when talking about the hitch’s longevity. Therefore, the device is combined with alloy steel material that ensures the most durability and robustness. Plus, it can efficiently carry Trucks, Sport-Utility Vehicles, Vans, etc. 

You must love to hear that the hitch is solid welded and constructed for safety and strength. So, you can use the device without worrying about its security as a user.

Though the weight should get less concentration while choosing the Best Hitch for Nissan Rogue, you can feel how useful a lightweight device can be. In addition, the Draw-Tite Class III trailer hitch weighs only 32 pounds which causes many users to choose it. 

Another best part of the tool is its crystal-clear look. In addition, it comes with a clean appearance that you can join to the car’s Bumper and Frame. So, if you go with the device, you do not need to worry about its adjustment.

The essential feature of a better hitch is its weight-bearing capacity. In this regard, the Draw-Tite Class III trailer hitch comes with 2500 lbs gross trailer weight and 350 lbs tongue weight moving capacity. This heavy weight-shifting capability clearly shows its ability to move any massive things effortlessly. 

You can find detachable Ball Mount, Clip, and pin Sold available at any vendor that you may need to join the hitch with your Nissan rogue. 

The Draw-Tite Class III trailer hitch has a two-inch receiver to connect any trailer with 100% safety. And you can fit in this fitch cross-over SUV and a pick-up truck. 


  • Can carry varieties of vehicles 
  • Alloy Steel material 
  • Can join car’s Bumper and Frame 
  • 3,500 lbs GTW and 350 lbs TW
  • Detachable tools are available in the market 
  • cross-over SUV and pick-up truck fit 
  • 2-inch Receiver
  • Solid welded construction 


  • It is compatible with Nissan Rogue but not with Krom and Sport

3. CURT 12122 Trailer HitchClass 2 

What if I let you know about a trailer hitch that enables you to move from larger to smaller cars?

The CURT 12122 trailer hitch class 2 can be your ultimate solution, and you can go with it considering its versatile usabilities. 

This is a well-welded device that can provide extended durability. So, if you purchase this tool, you can use it for an extended period. 

Weight matters, as always, when setting up a device in your car. Therefore, it weighs only 28.9 lbs. So, it’s better to go with the CURT 12122 trailer hitch class 2, considering its weight.

One of the essential features that must make you astonished about the device is its powder-coated finish. Plus, you will be impressed by this durable tow hitch’s UV-resistant finish, chip, and dual-layer rust.

It can bear Marine-Personal-Craft, Passenger Cars, Pickup Trucks, Sport-Utility-Vehicles, etc., which places it at the top of user experience over other tools. 

It is essential to check the weight capacity of the hitch you will purchase. In this case, the CURT 12122 trailer hitch class 2 provides you with plenty of robustness. It can move 3,500 lbs GTW and 350 lbs TW, proving its useability.

On the other hand, this tool offers a standard 1-1/4-inch x 1-1/4-inch receiver hitch. So it lets you use even small bike racks, cargo carriers, etc. Plus, the CURT 12122 is easy to install.

Another thing that I would like to let you know is that the hitch is tested to provide you safety while using it to SAE J684. So, you do not need to worry about the device’s security system. 


  • Used Carbon Steel material  
  • ‎28.9 pounds
  • Powder Coated Finishing 
  • 3,500 lbs GTW and 350 lbs TW
  • Standard 1-1/4-inch x 1-1/4-inch receiver hitch 
  • Easy installation
  • Tested for safety  


  • It may not fit Rogue SV that it claims and need some adjustment sometimes


Finally, suppose you want to go with the best hitch for the Nissan rogue. In that case, you should consider the CURT 13377 Trailer Hitch Class, its 3,500 lbs GTW and 525 lbs TW, versatile usabilities, and Weight Distribution Compatible. 

But, if you disagree with me, you can go with any of the other two hitches.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Hitch for Nissan Rogue

Can anyone install a hitch on Nissan Rogue? 

Yes, you can do it yourself, saving you extra pennies. And it takes around one and a half hours to finish the installation.

Can Nissan Rogue move a trailer?

The Nissan Rogue can carry big things, and at the same time, it can assist you with some smaller jobs as well. Plus, it offers 1350 pounds maximum towing capacity. 

Does a Nissan Rogue tow a four-wheeler?

The Nissan Rogue is effortlessly powerful enough to tow anything, including trailers or small watercraft because it has enough capacity. 

What is the weight capacity of the Curt 13377 trailer hitch class 3?

The Curt 13377 trailer hitch class 3 has 3500 lbs GTW and 525 lbs TW moving capacity. So, if you have to shift heavy-weight things, the Curt 13377 is there to assist you. 

Does the weight matter in terms of purchasing a trailer hitch? 

Though the weight does not significantly impact when choosing a trailer hitch, it is better to have a robust user experience with a lightweight device. 

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