What Happens When You Drink Celery Juice Everyday? Benefits & Drawbacks

If you are on Instagram, then you may see posts about celery juice. And when you search #celeryjuice you will find there are more than millions of posts about celery juice and its benefits. It is a trend now drinking celery juice and without knowing it’s actual health benefits, many people drink this juice. Celery juice is a healthy drink. Let’s discuss What Happens When You Drink Celery Juice Everyday. 

What happens if you drink celery juice everyday?

Here are the benefits you can get if you drink celery juice. 

Reduces inflammation

Celery juice plays a great role in reducing inflammation in age-related memory decline or in the brain. In celery, there are some flavonoids that help to reduce inflammation. 

Low-calorie snack

Celery is a low-calorie snack that contains potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, folate and fiber. The fiber in celery helps to reduce weight. And most of the people drink celery juice to reduce weight. 

Prevents cancer

Celery works as anti-cancer substances. There is apigenin in celery that can kill the cancer cells. Drink a glass of celery juice every morning helps to keep away from breast cancer, stomach cancer, and lung cancer. 

Treats insomnia

People who are suffering from insomnia or any other sleeping disorder, for them celery is great. Celery is best to treat insomnia. If you drink celery juice regularly then you will get a night of better soothing sleep. Also, to regulating the sleep cycle celery juice helps. 

Maintains acid-base balance

Celery juice makes our body alkaline and by reducing the acidity it helps to maintain the acid-base balance – according to various studies.

Ideal for weight loss

Do you wanna lose your weight? Celery is there for you to help reduce weight. Celery contained with fiber, and fiber is best to reduce weight. Compared to other vegetables or fruits, celery is best for weight loss. Celery has a very low calorie, there are 42 calories in a cup of celery juice, and a cup of chopped celery has only 20 calories. 

Negative side effects of celery juice: The drawback of juicing celery

When you make celery juice, you won’t get the benefit of fiber. But fiber helps a person to feel fuller also helps to improve intestinal health. And we mentioned-above that fiber helps to reduce weight. So instead of drinking celery juice, it is best to eat the whole celery to get the best results. 

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