Sony XM4 vs Bose 700 – Which Speaker Is Best & Why? Review

Sony XM4 and Bose 700 are two premium quality headsets that will give you a sophisticated feel when you listen to music with them. However, since they share many exclusive features, it becomes confusing to choose the better one. 

In this guide, I will make it easy to choose the best one from these two by explaining everything you should know about them. 

So, let’s see their differences first. 

What are the differences between Sony XM4 vs Bose 700

Sony XM4 

Bose QuietComfort 700
Sony XM4 lets you listen to music for up to 30 hours, and a maximum of 200 hours (NC OFF) Bose 700 gives you up to 20 hours of run time. 
It allows  5 hours of playback with a quick charging of 10 min charge. The Bose 700 offers you another 3.5 hours quick 15-minute charge.
The Sony XM4 is available in three colors (black, blue, and silver). It has only one Triple Black color. 
The Sony XM4 comes with a foldable design.  No foldability. 
It has general noise cancellation ability.  It provides noise cancellation on eleven levels. 
The item weight of the Sony XM4 is 8 ounces.  It is lightweight and weighs only 8.8 ounces. 
The item dimension of the Sony XM4  is 7.27 x 3.03 x 9.94 inches. Its product dimension is 2 x 6.5 x 8 inches.
Best for

  • Longer battery life
  • Comfortable usability 

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Best for

  • Premium quality sound
  • Adequate battery life 

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If you want a better headphone with advanced features between Sony XM4 and Bose 700, I highly encourage you to choose the Sony XM4. It has some exclusive properties that can give you an immersive sound quality. 

Know below why I am suggesting the Sony XM4. 

Why Do I Encourage Choose Sony XM4?

  • Sony XM4 is designed with a robust battery that can deliver up to 30 hours of playing time with a full charge, whereas the Bose 700 can give you only 20 hours of playback time. So, if you go with the Sony XM4, you get an extended listening time and do not need to charge it frequently.
  • You can easily fold the Sony XM4 while on the go, taking less space. Thus, it can help you to a hassle-free journey. In comparison, you will not get this essential feature with the Bose 700.
  • The Sony XM4 is available in three colors: black, blue, and silver. But, the Bose 700 has only one color, triple black. So, you can choose an earphone that matches you well in terms of color if you think about the Sony XM4.
  • The headphone can give you approximately 5 hours of playback time with just 10 minutes of fast charge. In contrast, the Bose 700 will provide you with 3.5 hours of listening time with 15 minutes quick charge. So, Sony XM4 should be your go. 

Therefore, considering the earlier mentioned features, I would highly inspire you to go with Sony XM4 to get a better user experience. 

Other Features of Sony XM4 vs Bose 700


Sony XM4 

Bose QuietComfort 700

Image  Sony XM4  Bose QuietComfort 700
User Ratings 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Bluetooth   Yes, (version 5.0, and 30 feet connectivity range) Yes, (version 5.0, and 33 feet connectivity range)
Microphone  Yes  Yes, (built-in) 
Connectivity Technology  Cordless  Cordless
Voice Control  Alexa compatible  Alexa, and Google Assistant 
Compatible Devices  All iOS and Android devices All Android devices and iOS devices 
Battery Charging Time  Around 2.5 hours
One-Touch Button for Ultimate Control Yes  Yes  
Product Warranty  1 year limited  1 year limited 

Reasons you can choose Bose 700 over Sony XM4!

  • Bose 700 has a robust noise-reducing capability that reduces the outside noise to 11 levels. And thus, it will give you immersive sound. But, Sony XM4 has only industry-level noise-canceling capacity.
  • It is a lightweight headphone of only 8.8 ounces, whereas the Sony XM4 weighs 16 ounces. So, you can use the Bose 700 for an extended period and carry it anywhere you go effortlessly.
  • The device combines eight built-in microphones, while Sony XM4 comes with a general microphone. Therefore, you can send crystal-clear sounds when calling someone or recording a voice. 

Features of the Sony XM4 vs Bose 700

Let’s see some of these two headsets’ features that help them stand out. 

Sound Quality 

When it comes to talking to sound, the Sony XM4 and the Bose 700 are two excellent headphones, and you can consider any of them. 

The Sony XM4 has the world-class industry-level active noise-reducing capability to provide a perfect sound without outside noise. But, the Bose 700 is more capable of giving you incredible sound because it decreases the irritating outside noise at the 11-level. 

And thus, it can let you enjoy podcasts, music, and videos without distraction plus, it keeps the amount of sound clarity at any volume level of the device. 

On the other hand, it has eight built-in microphones that adjust to windy and noisy environments, which will help you send crystal-clear sounds when you talk to anyone on call. Plus, because of its revolutionary noise reduction capability, you can record some immersive audio withBose 700. 

Therefore, you can use these earphones for hours comfortably without feeling bored.

Connectivity (Bluetooth and Voice Assistant)

Knowing the connectivity method is one of the essential things to consider while purchasing a headphone. 


In this regard, the Sony XM4 has Bluetooth version 5.0 that can connect with your smart device from about 30 feet. Besides, Bose 700 also features a 5.0 Bluetooth version, which can connect from approximately 33 feet. 

In addition, Sony XM4 and Bose 700 are combined with Amazon Alexa voice control. So, you can control the devices with your voice effortlessly, receive phone calls., change music, and increase and decrease the sound volume.  

One-Touch Button for Ultimate Control

Sony XM4 and Bose 700 combine with a one-touch button for ultimate control, and It is one of the essential and useful features. This property will help you activate your voice assistant, control volume, pause and skip songs, and receive phone calls. 

But, Bose 700 can provide this feature only when you use your iOS devices. 

Compatible Devices 

Compatibility is a crucial thing to consider while purchasing wireless headphones. In this regard, Sony XM4 and Bose 700 are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Therefore, you can connect these two earphones to your PC, smartphone, laptop, and so on. 


Though Sony XM4 and Bose 700 are made with solid metals that you can easily use for some years without issues. 

But still, you can enjoy a one-year limited warranty with them. So, if you feel any damage to the items caused by the producers, you can claim your guarantee and get a free repair service. 

Besides, you need to keep the warranty card and not harm the device yourself; otherwise, the guarantee will not work. 

Last Thoughts

Finally, I would say, if you are convinced with above mentioned advanced features of the Sony XM4, you can think about this headphone. 

For your help, it has a robust battery that can deliver up to 30 hours of playing time, and 10 minutes of fast charge can give approximately 5 hours of playback time. Plus, it is available in three different colors black, blue, and silver, and you can fold this device when you are on the go. 

But, if you disagree with my recommendation, you can purchase Bose 700; it is totally up to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sony XM4 vs. Bose 700

What is the Bluetooth version of the Sony XM4?

The Sony XM4 has a 5.00 Bluetooth version that lets you connect it to your laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet from around 30 feet.

How strong is the noise cancellation of the Bose 700?

Bose 700 has a robust noise-reducing capability, decreasing the irritating outside noise at 11 levels and providing excellent audio.

Does the Sony XM4 have a one-touch button for ultimate control?

Yes, the Sony XM4 has a one-touch button for ultimate control that gives you an effortless user experience; you can direct the device by tapping on the back of the earcup. 

What is the warranty policy for the Sony XM4 and Bose 700?

You will get a one-year limited warranty with the Sony XM4 and the Bose that will cover free repair service, but you have to show the warranty card; otherwise, the contract will not work anymore. 

Does the Sony XM4 have a voice control feature?

Yes, the Sony XM4 comes with voice control from Amazon Alexa. So, you can change the volume and music easily using your voice.

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