Shark AZ1000W vs AZ1002 – Check Why Shark AZ1002 is the Premiere!

Shark AZ100W and Shark AZ1002 are two excellent vacuum cleaners that can wash and mop your house nicely. But if you want to choose the best one, we would recommend you select Shark AZ1002.

Why do we recommend the Shark AZ1002?

  • With Shark AZ1002, you can clean low and high piles of carpets and even hardwood floors. But Shark AZ100W will only allow you being able to clean the ordinary floors.
  • You will get the lift away feature with Shark AZ1002, which will let you isolate the vacuum canister and reach under the furniture and in hard-to-reach spaces. On the other hand, you will not find this incredible feature with Shark AZ100W.
  • With the Shark AZ1002 device, you can clean up your pet’s hair. But, if you go with Shark AZ100W, you will not get this excellent feature.
  • The Shark AZ1002 has an on-off button that lets you turn off the switch effortlessly while cleaning. In contrast, the Shark AZ100W does come with this. 

The features mentioned above are some of the main reasons for choosing Shark AZ1002. Therefore, after considering all the aspects, we strongly urge you to select the Shark AZ1002.

Similar Features: Shark AZ100W and Shark AZ1002

  • Shark AZ1002 and Shark AZ100W vacuum cleaners have 30 feet-long cords that will help you clean your apartment without any difficulty.
  • These two cleaners have a similar filtration process to capture HEPA system dust, sand, and allergen. And thus, they provide you an excellent washing. 
  • Both devices will allow you to open the device’s filters after cleaning and use them next time without using any effort.
  • The LED light feature of Shark AZ1002 and Shark AZ100W will help you clean dark spots and corners of the house better.
  •  The Shark AZ1002 and Shark AZ100W have a 5-year limited warranty. By this time, if you find out any problems, you can fix them again for free.
  • These two vacuums can clean the floor very well; at the same time, they are also very experts at cleaning stairs. 

Comparison Chart: Shark AZ1002 vs Shark AZ100W

Specification Shark AZ1002 Shark AZ100W 
ImagesAZ1002Shark AZ1000W
Editors rating 4.9 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
on/of ButtonYes No 
Dust capacity 1.5 dry quarts 1.5 dry quarts 
LED light Yes Yes 
FiltrationHEPA HEPA 
Cord length 30 feet 30 feet 
Weight 16 lbs 16 lbs 
Dimension 11.2 x 12.2 x 46 inches11.3 x 12.2 x 46 inches
Warranty 5 year limited 5 year limited 

Differences and Similarity Between Shark AZ1002 and Shark AZ100W

Weight and Dimension

The Shark AZ1002 and the Shark AZ100W vacuum cleaners are beautifully designed. The Shark AZ1002 weighs 16 lbs and measures 11.2 x 12.2 x 46 inches in item dimension. On the other hand, Shark AZ100W weighs 16 lbs, and its product dimension is 11.3 x 12.2 x 46 inches. 

Both are low weights, and you can easily change their position anywhere you want according to your apartment adjustment. So, you can go with any one of them you want if you consider this feature. 

Cord Length and Cleaning Radius

As these are corded machines, you must know their wire length to get a comfortable user experience. Therefore, both the vacuums of Shark AZ1002 and Shark AZ100W have the same cord length of 30 feet. And, you can easily clean a large house plugin at your comfortable point.

Filtration system

The filtration process of the two cleaners is similar. They provide a fantastic cleaning through the HEPA system. Plus, they can clear 99.9% of dust, sand, and allergen. Therefore, you will be able to open and clean these filters if you want after finishing your task, and you can use them again after washing. Furthermore, you do not have to spend any extra penny on this.

Dust capacity

The Shark AZ1002 and Shark AZ100W have 1.5 quarts of dust capacity that can mop and wash a medium-sized room well. With this capacity, you can keep your apartment neat and clean for a very long time. For this reason, choosing any of them will not be a wrong decision.

Cleaning System

Quite interestingly, both of these can work wonderfully on wide floors. They are also highly appreciated for cleaning tiles, hard floors, wooden floors, and even stairs. 

With Shark AZ1002, you will get a 1-multi-tool brush that can clean your pet’s hair. Even long hair can be washed with this device. But, you will not find features with its rival cleaner Shark AZ100W. So, it is better to go with the Shark AZ1002.


These vacuum cleaners are made with solid metal, and you can use these for a few years without any problems. But still, the authorities offer a 5-year limited warranty. If you find any problem with these devices during the given period, you can fix it again for free. One more thing, you must keep the products safe from all types of harm done by you; otherwise, the guarantee will not work anymore. 

The last word 

Finally, we can see that these two cleaners have a remarkable resemblance. However, if you have pets in your home, you can choose Shark AZ1002 because you will get a multi-tool brush that can clean your pet’s hair, and it has on-off buttons that allow you to use this device in a friendly way. 

But, if you are not satisfied with my recommendation, you can consider Shark AZ100W, it’s up to you.

Frequently asked questions about Shark AZ1002 and Shark AZ100W

Does the Shark AZ1002 have any LED light?

Yes, this device has an LED light that will help you clean even in a dark area. For example, you can fix the specks of dirt on the corner with LED light and clean them properly.

The Shark AZ1002 is suitable for cleaning long hair?

Yes, this device is also able to clean long hair properly. You will do this work for its pet multi-tool brush. 

Shark AZ100W can work on the hard floor?

No, you can’t do this with this device. However, it works on a regular floor. 

What association can we find with the Shark AZ1002?

You can find 12 inches crevice tools, a pet power brush, and a multi-tool. With this device, you can clean your pet’s hair and even human long hair. 

What is the warranty policy of the Shark AZ100W and the Shark AZ1002?

Five years limited warranty is offered with these two advanced vacuum cleaners. So, if you see any device manufacturer defect, you can claim your guarantee and get free service. 

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