Saleshandy Review: Unlocking the Power of Sales Efficiency

Saleshandy is a versatile sales engagement platform that offers email tracking, templates, and automation tools. With its comprehensive suite of features, Saleshandy is a valuable tool for sales teams to boost their productivity and effectiveness in reaching out to prospects and closing deals.

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, sales teams need all the help they can get to stay ahead of the curve. One such tool that can significantly enhance their performance is Saleshandy. With its array of powerful features such as email tracking, templates, and automation tools, Saleshandy equips sales professionals with the necessary tools to streamline their workflows and achieve better results.

In this comprehensive Saleshandy review, we will explore the key features, advantages, and disadvantages of this platform, helping you make an informed decision about whether Saleshandy is the right solution for your sales team.

Features Of Saleshandy

Now we will explore some of the key features that make it a must-have tool for salespeople and businesses alike.

Email Tracking

Email tracking is a crucial feature that allows you to gain valuable insights into how your emails are performing. Saleshandy’s email tracking feature provides real-time notifications when your recipients open or click on your emails. By knowing when your email has been opened, you can follow up at the right time and increase your chances of closing deals. With Saleshandy’s email tracking, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your email outreach and improve your response rates.

Mail Merge

Saleshandy’s mail merge feature simplifies and automates the process of sending personalized emails to multiple recipients. With just a few clicks, you can create custom email campaigns that address each recipient by their name, company, or any other relevant details. Saleshandy’s mail merge feature saves you time and ensures that your emails feel personalized and tailored to each recipient, increasing the likelihood of getting a response and generating leads.

Email Templates

With Saleshandy’s email templates, you can create and save email templates for various scenarios, such as initial outreach, follow-ups, or customer support. These templates not only save you time but also help maintain consistency in your communications. You can easily customize the templates based on your recipient’s needs and preferences, ensuring your emails are professional, engaging, and on-brand. Saleshandy’s email templates are a valuable resource for streamlining your email workflows and maximizing your productivity.

Document Tracking

Saleshandy’s document tracking feature enables you to track the engagement of your shared documents. Whether you’re sending proposals, contracts, or sales collateral, you can gain insights into how your recipients interact with these documents. You will be notified when someone opens your document, how much time they spend on each page, and if they forward it to others. This data allows you to gauge the interest of your prospects, prioritize follow-ups, and engage with your recipients in a more targeted and informed manner.

Meeting Scheduler

Scheduling meetings can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. However, with Saleshandy’s meeting scheduler feature, you can simplify the process and avoid countless back-and-forth emails. You can share your availability directly within your email and let recipients choose a suitable time from your calendar. Saleshandy integrates seamlessly with popular calendar platforms like Google Calendar and Outlook, ensuring that you never miss an appointment and maximize your efficiency when it comes to scheduling meetings.

Benefits Of Saleshandy

Let’s explore the benefits of using this tool in more detail and we will see how it will boost sales and streamline communication processes.

Improved Productivity

One of the primary benefits of using Saleshandy is the significant improvement in productivity it offers. With this tool, sales teams can automate various tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities. Saleshandy provides features such as email tracking, mail merge, and email scheduling, enabling sales professionals to manage their email campaigns efficiently. The ability to schedule emails in advance saves time, ensuring that emails are sent at the most optimal times.

Furthermore, Saleshandy’s email tracking feature offers real-time notifications, allowing salespeople to see who opens their emails and clicks on links. This valuable information enables them to prioritize prospects and follow up with engaged leads effectively. By automating repetitive tasks and providing comprehensive email analytics, Saleshandy empowers sales teams to work smarter, not harder.

Enhanced Communication

Saleshandy takes communication to the next level by providing advanced features that facilitate effective collaboration. With Saleshandy, teams can share email templates, eliminating the need for repetitive email composition. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and professionalism in communication. Saleshandy also offers document tracking, allowing users to know when recipients open and engage with shared documents. This feature provides valuable insights and helps initiate timely follow-ups.

Additionally, Saleshandy allows users to create personalized video emails, which helps establish a stronger connection with prospects. By incorporating videos into their outreach efforts, salespeople can engage with their audience on a more personal level, leading to increased response rates and sales opportunities. With Saleshandy’s communication-enhancing features, teams can collaborate seamlessly, resulting in improved customer engagement and stronger relationships.

Advanced Analytics

Saleshandy provides extensive analytics capabilities to help businesses track the effectiveness of their sales outreach efforts. With Saleshandy’s advanced analytics, users can gain valuable insights into email open rates, link clicks, and document engagement. These analytics allow sales teams to identify highly engaged leads, determine the effectiveness of their email campaigns, and refine their overall outreach strategy.

The platform’s comprehensive analytics dashboard presents data in an easy-to-understand format, offering insights into key metrics such as email open rates, engagement rates, and click-through rates. By leveraging these analytics, sales teams can make data-driven decisions to optimize their email content, improve response rates, and ultimately, drive more conversions.

Saleshandy offers significant benefits to sales teams, enhancing productivity, improving communication, and providing valuable insights through advanced analytics. By leveraging Saleshandy’s features, businesses can streamline their sales processes, engage with prospects more effectively, and make data-driven decisions that drive revenue growth.

Frequently Asked Questions For Saleshandy Review

What Does Saleshandy Company Do?

Saleshandy is a company that offers sales engagement tools, such as email tracking, mail merge, and email automation. It helps sales teams enhance their productivity, track email opens and clicks, personalize email campaigns, and automate follow-ups.

What Problems Does Saleshandy Solve?

Saleshandy solves various problems for sales professionals, such as tracking email opens and link clicks, sending personalized emails in bulk, scheduling emails for later, automating follow-ups, and analyzing email engagement data.

How Do I Add Saleshandy To Outlook?

To add Saleshandy to Outlook, follow these steps: 1. Open Outlook and go to the “File” tab. 2. Click on “Options” and then select “Add-ins” from the left sidebar. 3. Choose “COM Add-ins” and click on “Go” next to it.

4. Check the box next to Saleshandy and click “OK”. 5. Saleshandy will now be added to your Outlook and can be accessed from the main toolbar.

Is Saleshandy A Reliable Sales Engagement Platform?

Yes, Saleshandy is a highly reliable sales engagement platform trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. It offers a range of features like email tracking, mail merge, and document tracking to help sales teams streamline their processes and increase productivity.


Saleshandy is an exceptional sales engagement platform that offers a range of powerful features. From real-time email tracking to personalized email campaigns, Saleshandy streamlines and optimizes your sales processes. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive analytics, it allows businesses to efficiently track and analyze their sales performance.

Overall, Saleshandy is a valuable tool for any sales team looking to enhance their productivity and drive better results.

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