Powerbeats 3 vs AirPods 2 – Reason For Choosing Airpods 2?

Powerbeats 3 and Airpods 2 are two wireless portable earbuds that can give you a great listening experience. 

However, as they shared many advanced features, it becomes hard to choose the better one from them. That is why I have mentioned everything below; you need to know about these devices to pick the better one. 

First of all, let’s see their difference in detail.

What are the differences between Powerbeats 3 and AirPods 2

Powerbeats 3

AirPods 2

Powerbeats 3 has 12 hours of run time.  AirPods 2 comes with 24 hours of listening time.
It does not have a powerful noise cancellation feature.  An advanced noise cancellation ability has been propertied with the AirPods 2. 
No virtual partner.  It has a virtual partner like SiRi. 
It is a lightweight device and weighs only 8 grams. The AirPods 2 weighs 14 grams. 
Best for

  • Premium quality sound
  • Comfortable user experience 

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Best for 

  • Longer battery life 
  • Smooth listening 

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Though Powerbeats 3 and Airpods 2 can provide you with a premium sound quality, I would go for the Airpods 2. 

Want to know why? See the below section then.

Why Do I Recommend Airpods 2? 

  • Airpods 2 can let you listen to music for 24 hours with the charging case and up to 5 hours with one full charge. On the other hand, Powerbeats 3 allows you to listen to music for only 12 hours. So, you can hear music for more time with the AirPods 2.
  • The Airpods 2 has a powerful noise cancellation ability that you will miss with the Powerbeats 3. Hence, you should go for the Airpods 2 if you want a noise-free listening time. 
  • You will find virtual partners like Siri with Airpods 2 that will make your listening time more effortless and comfortable. On the other hand, you will not get this feature with Powerbeats 3.
  • The sensitivity of Airpods 2 is optical, allowing you to hear crystal-clear music. But the Powerbeats 3 does not have this excellent feature.
  • It is made with more advanced barriers, which will help you hear more detailed words. In contrast, with the Powerbeats 3, you don’t get this feature.

After considering all the features of Powerbeats 3 and Airpods 2, it seems Airpods 2 has more advanced than powerboats 3. However, this device can give you an excellent user experience. 

So, I recommend you go with Airpods 2.

Other Specifications chart Powerbeats 3 vs Airpods 2

Specification  Powerbeats 3  AirPods 2 
Image Powerbeats 3  AirPods 2


User rating  4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Bluetooth connectivity  Yes  Yes 
Compatible Devices  iOS and Android devices Any Blueooth devcies 
Form Factor  In-ear  In-ear 
Headphone chip  Apple W1 Apple W1
Color Black-Red White
Fast charging  5 minutes charge and get one hour listening time 15 minutes charge and get three hours listening time
Sweat Resistant  Yes  Yes 
Near Field Communication (NFC) Yes 
Connectivity  Wireless  Wireless 
Product warranty  2 years  2 years 

Features of Powerbeats 3 vs Airpods 2

Now, let’s see some more specifications with their benefits about the Powerbeats 3 and the AirPods 2. 

Sound quality

With Powerbeats 3 and Airpods 2, you will get excellent sound quality. They are made with great sensitivity, giving you an even higher volume with crystal clear premium audio. 

Again these devices have a higher frequency response that will help you to hear the authentic sound. Overall, Powerbeats 3 and Airpods 2 are both excellent to go with. 


Powerbeats 3 is made of plastic and has two colors, red and black. Plus, it weighs 8 grams. 

Furthermore, Airpods 2 is white in color and weigh 14 grams.

The dimension of Airpods 2 is 0.65 by 0.71 by 1.59 inches. And the Powerbeats 3 has ‎1 x 5.94 x 1 inch of product dimension. 

So, we can see that the weight of Airpods 2 is much less than that of Powerbeats 3.

Another nice thing is that the cords of the two earbuds are very flexible, allowing you to use them more comfortably. 


 You can use these wireless earbuds via Bluetooth, and you can use them without using any wires. 

Both of them have ad advanced 5.0 Bluetooth version. This lets you connect quickly to your laptop, pad, tab, and mobile from a distant area.

Compatible devices and Noise cancellation

With these devices, you can easily connect with any iOS and Android devices like laptops, pads, tabs, and mobiles. In addition, these devices have powerful noise-rejection capabilities, giving you excellent sound. 


You can use these earbuds for many years without any problem. Even the authorities have given a 2-year limited warranty for these devices. During this time, if you find any issues with these devices, you can claim your contract, and they are obliged to fix them.

Last word 

Powerbeats 3 and Airpods 2 are great earbuds for a fantastic listening time. But, I will encourage you to go with the Airpods 2 for its upgraded features. 

Airpods 2 will let you listen to music for 24 hours because it has a powerful battery. If it runs out of charge, it can run for 3 hours after charging for 15 minutes. 

But if you are not happy with my recommendation, you can choose the Powerbeats 3 as well, considering its lightweight feature or anything else.

Frequently asked questions about Powerbeats 3 and Airpods 2

Does the AirPods 2 have the ability to make virtual connections?

Yes, the AirPods 2 can provide a virtual connection that will make your listening time effortless. 

Does the AirPods 2 have a Bluetooth connection?

Yes, the AirPods 2 with advanced Bluetooth connectivity of version 5.0 lets you connect it with your iOS and Android devices faster. 

Is the Powerbeats 3 water-resistant ability?

Yes, the Powerbeats 3 has IPX4 rated. This is proof that this device is water-resistant. So if this device falls into the water, it will have no problem.

Does the Powerbeats 3 compatible with android devices?

Yes, the Powerbeats 3 is a Bluetooth-enabled device that you can connect to all types of iOS and Android devices. 

Does the Powerbeats 3 have a fast charging ability?

Yes, the Powerbeats 3 has a fast charging ability that lets you use it for one hour with just a five-minute charge. 

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