Panasonic GX85 vs G7 – Check Which One Is the Best!

Panasonic GX85 and G7 have unique features that push your limits to reach your goals faster in photography. These cameras have many similar properties, making it harder for you to choose the perfect one. 

So let’s investigate how these gadgets differ from one another.

What are the Differences Between Panasonic GX85 and G7?

Panasonic GX85 Panasonic G7
The ISO sensitivity range of Panasonic GX85 is 200-25600. The Panasonic G7 camera’s ISO Sensitivity range is 100-25600.
You will find an anti-aliasing filter with Panasonic GX85. G7 has no anti-aliasing filter.
At every Second, GX85 can shoot 8 images. The continuous drive speed of the Panasonic G7 is only 7.
The Panasonic GX85 has sensor-shift stabilization features. This device has an optical stabilization feature.
Tilting screen included in Panasonic GX85. Articulated screen included with Panasonic G7.
You will find a unique function feature with Panasonic GX85. It has no unique function feature.
Panasonic GX85 has a 2764-dot electronic viewfinder. The G7 has only a 2360-dot electronic viewfinder.
The weight of the Panasonic GX85 is 425 grams. The Panasonic G7 weighs 410 grams.
Panasonic GX85 can take 290 pictures with a full charge. It has a robust battery lets you click 350 images on a single full charge.
Best for

  • Sensor shift stabilization
  • Continuous shooting

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Best for

  • Battery power 
  • To carry

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So, from the above chart, you can make your verdict. And my recommendation is Panasonic GX85 for its unique features and benefits. 

Still, you are confused? Then look at the next section, where I have described the reasons for choosing the GX85. 

Why Do I Recommend Panasonic GX85?

  • The Panasonic GX85 has a tilting screen that will help you get fantastic images from various angles. But, the Panasonic G7 is combined with a fixed display.
  • Selecting face function is included with Panasonic GX85, which can make you shoot a particular person in the crowd. And this feature is not available with Panasonic G7.
  • You will get an anti-aliasing filter with Panasonic GX85. This expands your device’s resolution by 10% and delivers an aesthetic image. In contrast, the G7 has no upgraded filter.
  • Updated sensor Shift and image stabilization feature is incorporated with the Panasonic GX85. You can use this feature to take some excellent pictures even if your hands are trembling. On the flip side, The Panasonic G7 includes an optical stabilization function.
  • Panasonic GX85 can take eight pictures per second, helping you to take snaps of even the fast-moving object at the fastest speed. On the other hand, Panasonic G7 can click only seven images per second. 

So, you can consider the Panasonic GX85 camera without further thinking if you are desperate for the upgraded features.

Other Specification Chart of Panasonic GX85 vs G7


Panasonic GX85

Panasonic G7

Image  Panasonic GX85 Panasonic G7
Editor’s rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Sensor type CMOS sensor MOS sensor
Wi-Fi  Yes (Built-in) Yes (built-in) 
Image sensor 16 megapixels 16 megapixels
LCD monitor 3.00”   3.00”
Color  Black  Black 
Video recording 4K 4K
White balance Auto  Auto 
Viewfinder type  Built-in electronic  Built-in electronic
Item Dimension 4.8 x 2.78 x 1.73 inches 4.92 x 3.03 x 3.39 inches
Warranty  1 year limited  1 year limited

Similar Features of Panasonic GX85 vs G7

Let’s discuss the other feature and benefits of Panasonic GX85 and G7.

Display and Design

Panasonic GX85 and Panasonic G7 camera display sizes are 3.00 inches. And they are black. They have an electronic built-in viewfinder to provide some best images. 

Besides, these cameras come with auto white balance feature that increases the image quality. 

Effective Image Sensor

Effective image sensor is an essential camera property to capture realistic images. In this regard, Panasonic GX85 and Panasonic G7 combine with a 16-megapixel effective image sensor to ensure quality pictures. 

Additionally, these cameras can take photos from various angles using the zoom lens which is trouble-free.

Connectivity (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)

Advanced Bluetooth connection is available in the Panasonic GX85 and G7 digital cameras. So you can quickly and effectively communicate wirelessly as you have this feature.

Moreover, each of these cameras supports Wi-Fi connectivity. And thus, these cameras will save you valuable time and provide you with a smooth user experience.

Video Recording 

The camera you choose should be capable of taking excellent pictures. Therefore, Both of these Panasonic cameras can produce 4K clips. And they can record high-quality videos. Using these cameras, you can shoot various blogs, wedding ceremony footage, short films, and movies. So, you can choose any of these considering this feature.


You can use Panasonic GX85 and G7 without any issues for a few years because they are manufactured with sturdy metal. The authorities have nonetheless provided a one-year limited guarantee. 

So, if there is any problem during this time, you can enjoy free servicing and resolve the issue by displaying the camera’s warranty card.

Final Word 

If you want the best camera with a high-resolution image sensor and continuous shooting performance, you can consider Panasonic GX85. 

But if you want a lighter camera, you can go with the Panasonic G7.

Frequently asked questions about Panasonic GX85 vs G7

Can I find an image stabilization option with the Panasonic GX85?

Yes, you can find an image stabilization option with the Panasonic GX85. This feature will decrease blurring and video movement when shooting using a device.

Consequently, you will see several different images.

Will this Fujifilm Panasonic G7 accept an old Pentax lens?

Yes, by using an adapter, you can find this with the Panasonic G7.

Can the Fujifilm Panasonic GX85 shoot 120p?

You can shoot 4k videos with this camera, which is better than 120p.

Additionally, you have unlimited time to capture 4K videos.

Is there a way to notice the overexposure with the espouses zebra feature on GX85?

Yes, the viewfinder clearly shows overexposure. You can apply overexposure and see via a viewfinder.

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