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Top 100 Most Important Digital Marketing Acronyms & Abbreviations

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What is Marketing Abbreviation?

Are you a digital marketer or do you just want to get started in one of the most exciting professions? If yes, you must know some Marketing Abbreviation related to digital marketing. This will help you to learn without any confusion

Let’s see the essential acronyms and abbreviations related to digital marketing and advertising. 

Digital Advertising & Marketing Abbreviation and Acronym 

Let’s see the most common abbreviation for marketing you must know before learning about digital marketing.

#Mktg (Marketing Abbreviation)

Marketing Abbreviations are the primary things on my long 100 lists. 

  • AIDA -Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

It is one of the essential customer funnels that works excellently for marketers. 

  • BR -Bounce Rate

The bounce rate tells us that the visitor leaves the landing page within 3 seconds. 

  • CMO -Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) knows the marketing fundamentals and he is the strategy maker.

  • COS -Content Optimization System

For the best user experience, you need to optimize your content using the Content Optimization System (CMS).

  • CPA -Cost Per Action

It is a model that creates invoices based on clicks, impressions, or even sales.

  • BANT -Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline

The BANT tells you that the lead has enough budget, authority, need, and timeline to purchase what they sell.

  • CPL -Cost Per Lead

This is a method to pay for a lead, which is well-known among marketers and businessmen. 

  • CTA -Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) leads people to click on a specific button like the signup, subscription, purchase, or follow button.

  • DM -Direct Mail/Direct Message

A direct message (DM) is a private communication related to the sender and receiver.

  • CR -Conversion Rate

Conversion rate (CR) is the number of people converted to purchase any product you market.

  • SEO -Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the work process that increases the number of website visits. And it helps to come to the first page of googles Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). 

  • SM -Social Media

Social Media (SM) is a platform or website that allows users to create a profile and share their views. And thus, they(users) can increase their networking. 

  • CRO -Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is how you customize your landing page to increase sales or anything like this. 

  • PR -Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is the relationship between company employees that people know. 

  • PV -Page Views

The Page Views (PV) will tell you how many pages have been viewed by visitors so far.

  • QR Code -Quick Response Barcode

Marketers create the Quick Response Barcode (QR Code) for online and offline purposes. 

  • RT -Retweet

Retweet (RT) means to repost your previous or someone else posts for any purpose.  

  • SMM -Social Media Marketing

It is one of the best ways to promote a product and increase sales. And you can grow your market with the help of social media marketing by spending less money. 

  • UX -User Experience

It is the overall user experience that a visitor gets from a website. 

  • UI -User Interface

A better user interface ensures the best user experience that helps to get repeat visitors. 

  • URL -Uniform Resource Locator

It is the web address that uses to enter any website. 

  • UV -Unique Visitor

The visitor who visits a website one more time at a particular time is called a unique visitor. 

Marketing Abbreviation and Sales Acronym

Let’s see some digital marketing abbreviation and acronyms or internet marketing acronyms below:

  • B2B -Business to Business

When two different businesses communicate with each other, it is called B2B communications. 

  • B2C -Business to Customer

It is the relationship between business and customers. 

  • GA -Google Analytics

 Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about website traffic and other information that helps to grow your website and business faster. 

  • KPI -Key Performance Indicator

It tells what the metrics will speak about the project’s growth. And it is an essential topic you must discuss before starting any project.   

  • MAP -Marketing Automation Platform

To automate marketing activities, this software is used. And thus, you can make your marketing life effortless. 

  • CMS -Content Management System

It is a web application that helps non-technical users create, edit, and manage websites easily. And this application has been specially designed to make user life effortless. 

For example, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Ghost, Magento, and Squarespace.

  • CRM -Customer Relationship Management

The relationship between business and customers is called CRM. 

  • RSS -Rich Site Summary

The Rich Site Summary is a technology that is used by marketers worldwide. This technology tracks marketers’ favorite websites’ growth and other activities. 

PPC Acronyms – Digital Advertising Acronymand Marketing Abbreviation

  • PPC -Pay Per Click

It is a model of advertising. In this model, an advertiser pays a publisher based on the click he gets from the ads. For instance, you promise to pay 5 dollars per click you get from ads or campaigns, and you get 100 clicks. So you must pay 500 dollars to the publisher. 

  • CTR -Click-Through Rate

It tells how many people click on the hyperlink you set from a hundred. So that means if 100 people watch your ads and five people click on the hyperlink, your CTR is 5%.

  • CPC -Cost Per Click

It is the amount of money you spend to get per click when running PPC campaigns. For example, you pay 50 dollars and get ten clicks, meanings your CPC is 5 dollars. 

Sales Acronym and Marketing Abbreviation

Now, see some common sales acronyms related to digital advertising and marketing abbreviations below. And I will give a bit of description as well. 

  • ABC -Always Be Closing

The Always Be Closing is a motivational phrase used to motivate a seller. It means the salesman should always look for new prospects and pitch their service or product to them. And finally, r¥try to finish the process by selling their product or services. 

  • AIDA -Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

The AIDA is a four-step purchase funnel. First, the customers travel from attention to action, purchasing any product or service. Also, the customer can take any specific action you want. Here yuo job is to create interest in the customer, which calls attention. Then they got interested in taking action.

  • AE -Account Executive

The person who works under the head of an organization’s accounts is called an account executive. This is because he takes all the responsibility for payments of everything. 

  • BDR -Business Development Representative

The BDR takes the responsibility to grow a business faster. He will make many plans to be executed by other employees. Thus, he will carry the company far away. 

  • AM -Account Manager

The AM needs to take on the responsibilities of an organization.  

  • ARPA -Average Revenue Per Account

The ARPA is the average revenue that an account generates for you. It is an excellent way to provide a matric to a company, and they can see how their company is growing from a specific account. 

  • CLTV -Customer Lifetime Value

The Customer Lifetime Value is the amount of money a customer may spend on a product or service for a long time. This article will help you to take care of a valuable customer and generate more money. 

  • COB -Close of Business

The COB refers to the end of the working day. And it can be at 5 pm or 6 pm that suits the company.

  • EOD -End of Day

The employees and employer use it to talk about when the day is finished. 

  • ICP -Ideal Customer’s profile

The customer’s profile is essential to check before moving forward with a prospect since it tells how beneficial a customer will be. And the Ideal Customer’s profile is actually created from the buyer’s persona at the initial stage of the process.

  • ILV -Inbound Lead Velocity

The ILV is the growth percentage of the qualified lead month over month. This qualified lead becomes a valued customer through the process. And thus you can see the upcoming customer and your company’s growth.   

  • MOM -Month over Month

It is the essential method to judge your business growth and is better than a year-over-year growth rate. Therefore, it helps you to keep growing your business constantly. 

  • CX -Customer Experience

Customers may feel good or bad about your product or services, and CX issued to mention this experience. 

  • FAB -Features, Advantages, Benefits

Sellers need to know the product features, benefits, and advantages before interacting with the customer or prospects. 

  • MQL -Marketing Qualified Leads

It means a lead interested in purchasing your service or product now or in the future. In addition, you get these types of leads through a proper marketing plan and execution. 

  • SLA -Service Level Agreement

It is a commitment between the service provider and the client to move forward with the sales process. And this way seller can gain more trust from the customer. 

  • ROI -Return on Investment

It is the most talked about topic in running any business campaign. The ROI tells what kind of benefits a campaign or business gets. It measures the profit based on the investment. 

SEO Digital Advertising Acronym & Marketing Abbreviation

The acronym of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Let’s see some more acronyms with a bit of detail down.

When a website gives a link to another website for recognition, it is called a backlink. And Backlink helps to get google recognition to rank on the google SERP. 

  • AOV -Average Order Value

It means the value of the product or services. To check the average order value, you need to divide all the orders by the customer’s product number. 

  • AR -Augmented Reality

AR is the technology that combines computer-generated content with the real world. Besides, it gets audio, visuals, and many more. 

  • AS -Article Submission

The AS is a way of doing SEO for a website or business. This way creator can reach more people and get more sales or leads. Plus, it helps to get more traffic on the websites and more online visibility of the business. 

  • BH -Black Hat

It is one of the ways to get a website at the top of google SERP. But it is not recommended by Google and is marked as a BH. 

  • CAPTCHA -Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart

The CAPTCHA checks whether the user is a person or a robot. This check is for security purposes. 

  • CF -Citation Flow

The Citation Flow will tell how important a URL is based on the share and link for the URL., which is very important for getting a good move on google. 

  • DFO -Data Feed Optimization

The google shopping feed optimization strategy helps to get a better user experience for the customer. And thus it brings more sales and customers. Therefore, the job you do for a better user experience on the website is called Data Feed Optimization. 

  • Dmoz -Directory Mozilla

It is a secure place for all the Mozilians to swim at a suitable palace where multi-lingual people will be available. The Directory Mozilla allows you to create and use an account with the best security. 

  • DMP -Data Management Platform

Many tools are sung to manage the data of the online professionals of organizations. The Data Management Platform stores data, especially for digital marketers. 

  • DKI -Dynamic Keyword Insertion

The Dynamic Keyword Insertion helps to put your ads in the proper palace where necessary. This job was done at Google Ads, Microsoft AdCenter, and Yahoo. And it is the most helpful way of getting in touch with the right customer and prospect. 

The Deep Link Ratio is the way of measurement between the inbound link you get to the pages and the home page. These comparisons are called Deep Link Ratios. 

  • DNS -Domain Name System

The Domain Name System is the way users can enter a website and get information with the help of DNS. Humans get access to the website using domain names like

  • DR -Domain Ranking

The DR is the way how the domains are ranked on google. It tells how important a website is for the user.

  • DS -Directory Submission

Directory Submission is one of the processes of SEO., and it means putting the website URL on google(website) to get some positive response from the google algorithm. 

  • EPM -Earning per Month

The Earning per Month tels the net income of a month from a business you get. 

ESP -Email Service Provider

The ESP allows you to create and send e-mails through them. For example, Gmail, Yahoo, and many more.  

  • FBML -Facebook Markup Language

The coding language that has been used to create Facebook is called FBML.

  • FTP -File Transfer Protocol

The File Transfer Protocol is a technology that sends a file from one computer to another client’s computer. 

  • DR -Direct Response

It is the response between the customer and business directly that nobody knows outside the business deal. 

  • GAS -Guaranteed Article Submission

The Guaranteed Article Submission means getting a guaranteed link permanently that is one-way, which is a part of off-page SEO.

It is the best and most used search process for specific images on Google.

  • GWT -Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides the Google Webmaster Tools for the website owner for free, so they can track their website performance. At the same time, they can check the updates of their website there for free. Google Search Console is one of the GWT offered by Google.

  • GYM -Google Yahoo MSN

The GYM is an abbreviation for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Network.

  • H1 -Level 1 Heading Markup

The H1 is the level one heading in a website that you can see on every website and its pages.

  • H2 -Level 2 Heading Markup

The second level heading is H2, which you find on a website. Again, it helps to build a proper foundation for a web page.

  • Href -Hypertext Reference

It links other web pages of a particular part of a page, called an attribute.  

It is a way of getting links from other websites to your site so google can get a positive gesture about your reputation. And thus google will bring your website to the top of the SERP.

  • LPO -Landing Page Optimization

It is the page where most visitor land to take a reason¥able action. Mostly it is your home page. That is why you need to optimize it properly so customers can get a better user experience on their first voyage. 

The Inbound Links are the links you can see on other web pages, which direct customers to your webpage. Thus you can get more visitors or customers. 

  • IM -Internet Marketing

It is a way of marketing executed with the internet’s help.

  • IP -Internet Protocol

Every internet service comes with a unique code which is called internet protocol. This helps the user to secure their browsing. 

  • ISP -Internet Service Provider

Internet service providers are distributors who distribute the internet among users, like PTCL.

  • LSEO -Local SEO

Local SEO or Local Search engine Optimization means optimizing your business for a particular area, so you get the most visitors and make them valuable customers later on. 

  • KW -Long Tail Keywords

The keywords that have three more words are called long-tail keywords. These are very important to start a website since they have low competition and search volume. 

  • MTO -Meta Tags Optimization

To rank on the google SERP, you must do well meta tag optimization; this helps to push google about the better quality of your web page so google can let you be visible at the top of the user search result. 

  • NAP -Name Address Phone Number

While making the buyer’s persona, marketers use this abbreviation as NAP.

  • NSEO -Negative SEO

When you are doing black hat SEO, you are following Negative SEO. 

  • SERPs -Search Engine Result Pages

When a user submits a search query, google will give as many results as it gets from the storage. Search Engine Result Pages can be shown in two types; one organix¥c search results and the other is paid results which means pay-per-click ads. 

  • SNS -Social Networking Service

The Social Networking Service is a platform that offers social sharing or activities to those who are interested in sharing their views and thus creating a relationship among others. 

The Outbound links are the links that direct the user to another specific website’s webpage. This way creator helps a reader to know more about the topic, which is regarded as a best practice by Google. 

  • PBN -Private Blog Network

The Private Blog Network is a group of domains that people own. Since they own many websites, they can link to each other and build trust and authority on Google. Thus these sites can increase the number of visitors without putting more stuff.

  • PDF -Portable Document Format

PDF is one of the most secure file-saving formats that ensure more security of the documents.

  • PDF -Pay for Performance

It means to pay for the performance that is measured based on the KPI you set with your clients. So basically, it is a bonus from your client. 

  • QA -Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the commitment to doing something nice. So while writing anything, doing SEO, or setting up a marketing campaign, you do it properly as you promised.

  • OS -Operating System

The Operating System is low-level software helping to do essential SEO functions and other related tasks.

It is a way of getting inbound links from other websites or pages that help to get more authority on google SERP. Thus it helps to get more visitors by appearing on the first pages of google SERP. Besides, the one-way backlinks are called incoming links as well. 

  • QS -Quality Score

The QS is rated by google based on your work quality and the relevance you maintain on your pay-per-click ads. This score will be provided based on comparing your competitors doing better on the SERP.

  • RTD -Real-Time Data

The Real-Time Data is delivered when necessary. It must be sent immediately after the quarry by your clients or anybody. 

  • SER -Search Engine Ranking

It tells where the web page is on the google SERP. This is based on hundreds of factors that Google does not like to share with anybody. But they give some hints about that.

  • TLD -Top-Level Domain

The Top Level Domains are the most used and trustable domain anime people choose to use for their brands. For example, .net, .com,. ed, .co, and many more.

  • KISS -Keep It Simple Stupid

The KISS drives digital marketers to keep their work as simple as possible so all people can understand what he/she wants to share. It is one of the essential things to consider to get success of a campaign. 

So, this is the Marketing Abbreviation list that I thought to share with you for the last several months. If I miss any acronym or abbreviation, you ca¥ommnet on the down so I can add it to my list below. 

GOOD Luck!

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