LG CordZero vs Dyson V10 – Check Why LG Is Better!

If you are wondering about the differences between LG CordZero and Dyson V10 and are also confused about choosing the better one. I am here to help you to make a decision. 

Both machines are lightweight, Cordless, and have great suction power. However, let’s learn about every feature in detail to make your purchase easy and worthwhile.

So, in the section below, I describe the differences first.

What are the differences between LG CordZero vs Dyson V10

LG CordZeroDyson V10
LG CordZero comes with two rechargeable and detachable batteries.No spare battery comes with Dyson V10.
It can clean carpets and hard surfaces.It only works for hard surfaces.
1 hour 20 minutes can run LG CordZero.The run time is 1 hour in Dyson.
The wattage power is 400.It has 350 watts of power.
It has a 5 steps filtration system.This feature is missing in Dyson.
The device’s weight is 5.63 pounds.Dyson’s weight is 5.88 pounds.
LG has a lithium-ion battery.Its battery is a lithium polymer.
This machine has 0.39 liters of dirt container capacity.The dirt container capacity of Dyson V10 is 0.76 liters.
The noise level of LG is 84 decibels.Its noise level is 82 decibels.
1-year warranty for labor and parts. And 10 years for the smart inventor motor.The Dyson has a 2-year limited warranty.
The item dimension of LG is 10.2 x 44.1 x 10.6 inches.This cleaner is designed with 9.84 x 10.08 x 49.17 inches of dimension.
Best for: Two rechargeable batteries

5 steps filtration system
Best for: Cleaning hard-surfaces

Large dustbin capacity

Now, you have got a better idea about LG CordZero and Dyson V10 from the chart. Though both machines are fantastic, I recommend you go for LG CordZero for some excellent features. 

Let’s dive into the main reason why I suggest LG CordZero.

Why Should You Choose LG CordZero?

  • LG CordZero appears with two batteries. If you start cleaning, the other battery can be charged. And you can change the dead battery with the charged one during cleaning. But that advantage you can not get with Dyson V10. 
  • This machine can last for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Whereas the Dyson V10 has 1 hour run time. So, you will be able to do an extra 20 minutes of cleaning with LG. 
  • You can clean hard surfaces and carpets with LG CordZero. But the Dyson can clean hard surfaces only. Therefore, with LG, you will get a multiple cleaners device.
  • LG CordZero has 400 wattage power. It can do a deep cleaning with great wattage power. On the other hand, the Dyson V10 watts is 350.
  • It has a 5 steps filtration system that can clean 99.99 percent of dirt, dust, and pet hair. You can get a standard cleaning with this feature. In comparison, the 5-step filter system is unavailable in Dyson V10.      

You can see LG CordZero has some advantageous features. That will make your cleaning job easy and convenient. Hence, if you want a handy vacuum cleaner, then consider LG CordZero.

Other Features of LG CordZero and Dyson V10

Specification LG CordZeroDyson V10
ImagesLG CordZeroDyson V10
Editor’s Rating4.7 out of 54.4 out of 5
Power SourceBattery PoweredBattery Powered
Form FactorStick, handheldStick, handheld
Filter typeCartridgeHEPA
Surface RecommendationCarpet, Hard-floorHard-floor
Air Watt140 watts115 watts
Cleaning Path Width10.2 in10 in
Specific Uses For ProductHard-floor, Carpet, Dual actionHard-floor, Carpet, Dual action
Washable FilterYesYes
Controller TypePush ButtonHand Control
Assembly RequiredYesYes
Battery RequiredYesNo

Features of LG CordZero and Dyson V10

In here I have mentioned some other features to clear your conception about these machines.


Both of them are cordless vacuum cleaners. They are lightweight and easy to carry, move, and maneuver. LG and Dyson have washable filters. You can wash the filter after vacuuming. And both are super easy to turn on and off by the switch button on the handheld.


They both are handheld machines. You can convert them to handheld vacuum cleaners, and handheld features make it easy to clean hard-to-reach places. Also, both can clean hard surfaces perfectly.

Power Source

LG and Dyson are run by batteries. After finishing the cleaning and charging, you need to charge them. However, LG comes with an extra battery. You can clean for more time than Dyson V10. 

Included components

The LG comes with additional components. Such as Portable Charging Stand, Crevice Tool, Power Floor Nozzle – Punch Nozzle, Battery, Telescoping Wand, Combination Tool, Filter, and Universal Power Nozzle. Dyson V10 also appears with many tools, including Charger, Wall Mount, Mini Motorized Tool, Mini Soft Dusting Brush, Combination Tool, and Crevice Tool.

Final Word

I hope you understand now which cleaner is best for you. They have similar properties to handheld factors and can clean hard surfaces. But, the LG Cordzero’s advanced function left behind Dyson V10. 

The LG has a 5-step system, two batteries, and much run time. However, Dyson can hold a sufficient amount of dust and debris by its large dust cup capacity and has a HEPA filter.

Therefore, If you are satisfied with the Dyson V10 features, you can choose it either.

Frequently Asked Questions About  LG CordZero and Dyson V10

Does the LG CordZero stand by itself?

LG can’t stand without support. You have to lean it against something. But it has a good stand which is movable. Also, Dyson can’t stand by itself.

Which filter comes with Dyson V10?

This machine has a HEPA filter which is fully sealed and can trap 99.97 percent of dirt and debris. But LG has a 5-step filter system that can clean 99.99% of the dust.

Does LG have two Batteries?

Yes, LG CordZero has two batteries. And easy to recharge and detachable and let you clean with one while another is charging. 

Which machine has the lower noise level?

Both items make less sound than others cleaner. Though they have little difference, it is not noticeable. They only have 2 decibels differences, LG’s noise level is 84 decibels, and Dyson’s is 82 decibels.

Is LG’s filter washable?

The LG CordZero filter is washable. Both machines have washable filters. You can clean it with water.

What is the Dyson Battery name?

Dyson comes with a lithium-polymer battery. It is much stronger than a lithium-ion battery.

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