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A Definitive Guide To Kona Airport WiFi Connection

Before talking about Kona Airport WiFi, let’s know about the airport a bit first. Kona Airport is the largest international airport in the western part of Hawaii island in the United States of America (airport code: KOA). It is the leading international airport of the Hawai State and offers better service than the other one, situated on the eastern side of the province. 

The elaborate name of the airport is Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport in Hawaii. And thousands of people visit this island using it daily, and 5.5 million per year via this airport.

The airport offers unlimited FREE WiFi for travelers, which is convenient, named KOA Free WiFi. And it is provided by the airport authority itself. 

In addition, WiFi connectivity is available for travelers at Kona airport at zero cost throughout the terminals and lounge. So, you do not need to worry about passing your time while you need to wait to catch your flight. 

How to connect to WiFi at Kona Airport 

They offer free WiFi for quality time without being bored at the airport, and you need to follow some steps to connect your device to the WiFi connection. 

First, you must turn on your WiFi menu from the setting and search for the connection. After that, you will see the FREE WiFi connection named KOA Free WiFi. So, click on that and launch a web crawler from where you need to choose the Free Unlimited WiFi. That is how you can connect any device to FREE WiFi at the airport. 

So, now you can enjoy the time and do your essential office work while at the airport arena with the help of KOA’s Free WiFi. 

Available points of FREE WiFi

The free WiFi facility has been provided at the airport since Launch 2018. Before that, there was no service like this but paid hotspot. 

You can find free WiFi at Terminals 1 and 2, along with the lounge. And the most exciting thing is you do not need to input any password to connect your device. 

You also can purchase a plan to get a faster user experience from other companies like Boingo. They provide worldwide hotspot service at a reasonable price of $14.99 per month only. 

Besides, they provide 24/7 customer service to ensure their purchaser’s happiness. You can contact them via E-mail: at [email protected] or call them at 800-880-4117.

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Airlines with their facilities At Kona Internationa Airport

Airlines  Call Free Wi-Fi Paid Wi-Fi Price 
ALASKA AIRLINES (888) 252-7522 Yes, Facebook messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp  $7 (valid for 30 days)
DELTA AIRLINES (800) 221-1212 Yes, Facebook messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp  $28 entire flight (global)
UNITED AIRLINES (800) 824-6200

Arrival & Departure Info (800) 241-6522, Reservations (800) 864-8331

No  $8 (reduced price)
JAPAN AIRLINES (800) 525-3663 No  $10.15 for one hour and $18.80 for 24 hours and you can get 10% OFF if you pay with JAL card
WESTJET (888) 937-8538 Yes, (need to register your card) $7.99 on-flight 
SOUTHWEST AIRLINES (800) 435-9792 Limited  $8 (to and from Hawaii)
AIR CANADA (888) 247-2262 No  $5 for one hour and $16 during flight 
AMERICAN AIRLINES (800) 223-5436, (800) 433-7300 No  $10 for hours and $19 for the whole flight (satellite Wi-Fi)
HAWAIIAN AIRLINES (800) 367-5320 Yes  $8 in-flight 

I hope this article helps you to understand everything regarding the Wi-Fi system of Kona International Airport. 

Frequently asked questions about Kona Airport

Is there a free Wi-Fi facility at the Kona international airport for travelers? 

The Kona international airport offers free Wi-Fi to visitors at the lounge and terminals 1, 2, and lounge as well.  

Is there any limitation to using free Wi-Fi at the Kona international airport?

No, they offer unlimited free Wi-Fi for travelers. 

How can I increase browsing speed at the Kona international airport?

You can purchase a plan from private companies like Boingo for$14.99, valid for a month worldwide which helps you use a faster internet connection. 

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