iRobot Roomba i3 VS e5 – Why People Choose i3 Vacuum? Detail

The robot vacuum market is endlessly growing as every year, we are getting different types of new variants from brands. So, it makes a challenge for us to find the best and perfect robot vacuum among the thousands.

Hence, today, in this article, we will see the differences between Roomba i3 and e5 and we will also know about each vacuum’s features clearly.

What Are The Differences Between iRobot Roomba i3 Vs e5?

Roomba i3Roomba e5
·   They are woven neutral in color.·   They are black in color.
·   Their suction power is 10x*.·   Their suction power is 5x*.
·   Have neat rows cleaning pattern.·   Have adaptive cleaning patterns.
·   They have smart navigation.·   They have adaptive navigation.
·   Have Vera, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa controllers.·   Have Vera, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Home kit controllers.
·   Weight is 24.2 pounds.·   Weight is 7.23 pounds.
·   They have automatic dirt disposal.·   They do not have automatic dirt disposal.
·   Can run for 75 minutes.·   Can run for 90 minutes.
Best for:
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Best for:
longer battery life

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So, comparing the above chart, you should go for the iRobot Roomba 3. To know why I am saying this, you can read the below section.

Which Vacuum Is Better? (Roomba i3 vs e5)

In comparing the Roomba i3 and e5 vacuums, I must say that the Roomba i3 takes the lead in terms of its impressive features and functionality. It offers a self-emptying bin for added convenience and advanced mapping capabilities for efficient navigation. With double suction power, it effortlessly tackles cleaning tasks with ease. While the Roomba e5 shares a similar design and basic functions, it doesn’t quite match up to the i3 in terms of what it has to offer. Ultimately, the choice between the Roomba i3 and e5 comes down to your personal preferences and needs. Both are viable options, but the i3 stands out with its superior features.

What are the main differences between Roomba e5 and i3?

The main difference between the Roomba e5 and i3 robot vacuums lies in their navigation capabilities. The Roomba i3 boasts smart navigation, allowing it to efficiently navigate your home, recharge itself when needed, and resume cleaning where it left off. Additionally, the i3 can be upgraded to a self-emptying version for added convenience. On the other hand, the Roomba e5 utilizes random navigation, which may not be as efficient. It does not support recharge and resume functionality and does not offer compatibility with self-emptying versions.

Difference 1: Roomba i3 has smart navigation but Roomba e 5 does not:-

Firstly, the i3 impresses with its smart navigation, allowing it to move around your home in efficient straight lines while avoiding obstacles. In contrast, the e5 relies on random navigation, which involves bumping into objects until it covers the entire floor. The i3’s smart navigation alone is a compelling reason to choose it over the e5.

Difference 2: Roomba i3 is able to recharge and resume but e5 cannot:-

Secondly, the i3 offers a convenient recharge and resume feature that is usually found in higher-end robot vacuums. When the i3 detects a low battery during a cleaning session, it will return to its docking station to recharge before picking up where it left off. Unfortunately, the e5 lacks this capability. The ability to recharge and resume cleaning is another key aspect that many people consider when making their purchase decision.

Other Common Features of iRobot Roomba i3 Vs e5

SpecificationRoomba i3Roomba e5
Editor’s Rating4.3 out of 5 4.0 out of 5 
SurfaceDual Action, Hard Floor, CarpetDual Action, Hard Floor, Carpet
Wi-Fi compatibleYesYes
Works with AlexaYesYes
Cleaning performance99%99%
Dust Bin Capacity500ml500ml
Brush rollDual RubberizedDual Rubberized
Empties binNoNo
Zoned CleaningNoNo
Full bin indicatorYesYes
Virtual wall compatibleYesYes

Features of iRobot Roomba i3 Vs e5

The Underside

The underside of Roomba i3 and e5 is not different. They have many common parts, like:

1)    Dual brush roll

2)    3- arm spinning brush

3)    Wheels

4)    Contact Sensors

5)    Edge Sensors

6)    Filter access.

iRobot Roomba i3

The Filters

The Roomba i3 and e5 share the same type of filter, which is a positive aspect. These filters are an improvement from the older models, as they are now more compact and highly efficient. The enhanced efficiency not only saves space inside the machines but also allows for larger dust bin capacities in both the i3 and e5. It’s great to know that they have upgraded the filters to make cleaning even more convenient and effective.

The Charging Dock

The Roomba i3 and e5 include a standard charging dock. The primary function of this charger is to power up the Roomba and act as a guiding beacon to assist the robot in finding its way back home once the cleaning cycle is finished. Having a reliable charging dock ensures that your Roomba is always ready to go and can effortlessly return to its base for recharging when needed.

Size Comparison

Roomba i3 and e5 are identical in size. This is because they use a lot of the same parts. But the main size difference is the charging base.

Accessories & Parts

Roomba i3   Roomba e5
Spinning brush 
Standard charger 
Cleaning tool  
User guide    
Spinning  brush
Standard charger
Cleaning tool  
User guide    

Some versions of e5 may also include a virtual wall and this is used to help block off sensitive areas or rooms you do not want the Roomba to enter.

iRobot Roomba e5

Roomba Usability

There are three main factors I would like to consider. Because these factors tend to work together to make a vacuum feel user-friendly and intuitive. The three factors are given below:

1) Set up

The initial setup for i3 and e5 is simple and quite similar. After opening the box, one can run it as these vacuums have a little bit of charge from earlier. But the best thing is to give a full charge to the vacuum before running it for the first time. Because it can give you maximum performance. This is especially important for i3 as they have digital mapping capabilities.

2) App Control

App control is available on i3 and e5. They use the same iRobot Home app and for this reason, there are fewer differences.

From the app, you can:-

·  Start or stop the cleaning cycle.

·  Schedule a cleaning in the future.

·  For receiving real-time notifications, turn on push notifications.

·  View a battery level indicator.

·  Receive automatic software updates.

·  Maintenance alerts.

·  Change the spoken language of the robot vacuum.

·  Name/ register your vacuum.

3) Maintenance

Maintenance tasks between i3 and e5 are similar.

Regular maintenance includes:-

·  Empty the dustbin as needed.

·  Clean/ replace the filter as needed.

·  Tangles must be cleared out from the brush roll as needed.

There is a full bin indicator on i3 and e5. This helps to know when the bin is needed to be emptied. All the dust bins are also washable, which can help you to keep the system clean. So, wash with cold water and allow it to air dry for 24 hours before reinstalling.


I will recommend you choose the Roomba i3 because it will give you benefits in all ways. However, Roomba i3 and e5 have many similar features, but Roomba i3 has some additional advantages that e5 does not have. I have mentioned above about the similar and dissimilar features of these two vacuums. Therefore, now it is your choice to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions About iRobot Roomba i3 Vs e5

Does the Roomba e5 have mapping capabilities?
Unfortunately, the Roomba e5 does not come with home mapping or automatic dirt disposal features. However, if you’re interested in those functionalities, you can consider exploring higher budget options that offer additional advantages. Despite this, the Roomba e5 is still a great choice as it is easy to set up, easy to use, and effectively cleans your home at an affordable price.

Can the Roomba i3 clean a specific room?
Absolutely! With the Roomba i3, you have the convenience of labeling each room on the map. This allows you to use your phone or voice commands to direct the robot to specific rooms for targeted cleanings. It’s a handy feature that lets you focus on the areas that need the most attention.

Will the Roomba e5 alert you when it’s full?
Yes, indeed! When the Roomba e5’s dustbin reaches its capacity, it will display a red indicator below the “clean” button option. Additionally, the vacuum will not start its cleaning cycle if the dustbin is already full. This feature helps ensure optimal performance and makes it easy for you to know when it’s time to empty the bin.

Can the Roomba i3 be used on multiple floors?
Absolutely! The Roomba i3 is designed to be versatile and can be used on multiple floors. Whether you have carpets, hardwood, or tile, the Roomba i3 is equipped to effectively clean various surfaces throughout your home. Its adaptability makes it a reliable companion for maintaining cleanliness across different floor types.

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