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Interesting Word In English – You Must Be Crazy

Briefing on these interesting word

Learn with fun’ this saying is compatible when anybody learning a language with this interesting word list. Because, if you don’t find any sort of fascination with something it’s going to be hard for you to acquire the thing. Here I have mentioned some interesting words in the English Language.

That’s why you need to get some attraction on it and fun is the best way to get it.  The list is full of some interesting words in English that will make you happy to read and feel good to learn these stunning words.

Here, the list of interesting words is going to give you some stunning moments of reading the list. You will definitely enjoy the list as we have collected a very tricky and attractive word. You cannot imagine and never think these words have such similarities and differences. You will definitely be astonished after reading these interesting words in English.

So, let’e get into the list of interesting word;

Interesting Word List

Wife – বউ।

Bow -প্রণাম করা বা ধনুক।


Queen -রাণী

Runny -অতি তরল।



Hussy -বেহায়া মেয়ে।


Fay -পরী।

Pore -লোমকুপ।


Quilt -লেপ।

Leap -লাফ দেয়া।


Tame -পোষ মানানো।

Posh -চটকাদার চাটুক।


Call -ডাক।

Duck – হাঁস।


Mind -মন।

Moon -চাঁদ।


Left -বাম পার্শ্ব/বাম।

Bum – নিতম্ব/পাছা।


Chest – বুক।

Book – বই।


Green coconut -ডাব।

Dub – উপাধি।


Busy -ব্যস্ত।

Bestow -দান করা।


I -আমি।

Amie -বান্ধবী।


Forest -বন।

Bon -উপভোগ।


Eraser -রবার।

Robber –ডাকাত



Mass-সম্পদ/ বস্তু



Full- পরিপূর্ণ।







I hope you have had great fun throughout the whole article. And, if you know other funny words like these, you can share them in the comment box. Cheers!

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