100 Most Used Informal Contraction In English: Speak Like Native

Do You Want To Speak English Faster?

Do you really want to learn the way how to speak English faster? If your answer is YES, then this lesson is surely for you. In this lesson on Informal Contraction, you will learn some interesting ways to make sure your fastest fluency.

So, let’s learn some important informal contractions to Improve Your English Fluency and Speak English Faster with the use of some Common Informal Contractions in English.

Besides, informal contractions are used by the native speakers the most. If you want to understand what the native speaker saying while speaking then you have to know some very common informal contractions which are generally used by them.

At the same time, you are going to get an excellent list of informal contractions that will help you to communicate with any foreigner, especially with English-speaking nations In this lesson.

So, let’s jump into the main topic of informal contraction…..

Example of Informal Contraction:

What are you going to do?

Whatcha going to do?

Whatcha gonna do?


Do you want a banana?

Do you wanna banana?

D’you wanna banana?

D’ya wanna banana?

Ya wanna banana?

Wanna banana?

List of some informal contractions 01 – 25

01. Ain’t = Am not/are not/is not

Example: She ain’t angry.

02. Ain’t = Has not/have not

Example: He ain’t eaten it yet.

03. Wanna = Want to

Example: I wanna go home.

04. Didntcha = Didn’t you

Example: Didntcha like this man?

05. Whatcha = What have you

Example: Whatcha done there?

06. Kinda = Kind of

Example: This’s a kinda love.

07. Sorta = Sort of

Example: He’s sorta tired.

08. Outta = Out of

Example: I’m outta trouble.

09. Alotta = A lot of

Example: I eat alotta food.

10. Lotsa = Lots of

Example: He has lotsa problem.

11. Mucha = Much of

Example: It’s not mucha a surprise.

12. Cuppa = Cup of

Example: Would you like a cuppa coffee?

13. Dunno = Don’t know

Example: I dunno him.

14. Lemme = Let me

Example: Lemme see this!

15. Gimme = Give me

Example: Gimme that pen!

16. Tell’em = Tell them

Example: We should tell’em the real story.

17. Cos = Because

Example: I cry cos I’ve some problem.

18. Innit? = Isn’t it?

Example: It’s green, innit?

19. I’mma = I’m going to

Example: I’mma talk to my father.

20. Gonna = Going to

Example: I’m gonna tell you what’s happened.

21. Needa = Need to

Example: You needa know about Della.

22. Oughta = Ought to

Example: You oughta phone your mother.

23. Hafta = Have to

Example: I hafta go.

24. Hasta = Has to

Example: Jim hasta work today.

25. Usta = Used to

Example: He usta live in Germany.

List of some informal contractions 26 – 44

26. Supposta = Supposed to

Example: I’m supposta start a new job on Sunday.

27. Whatcha = What are you

Example: Whatcha doing now?

28. Ya = You/ you are

Example: I miss ya so much.

29. Gotta = (have) got a

Example: Have you gotta mobile?

30. Shoulda = Should have

Example: She shoulda called Della.

Example: Shouldna = Shouldn’t have

Example: I shouldna told her that.

32. Wouldna = Wouldn’t have

Example: I wouldna eaten that if I were you.

33. She’da = She would have

Example: She’da been prepared for going out.

34. Coulda = Could have

Example: He coulda been here by 7:00pm.

35. Woulda = Would have

Example: She woulda arrived soon.

36. Mighta = Might have

Example: You mighta left the book at the railway station.

37. Gotcha = Got you

Example: I gotcha!

38. Musta = Must have

Example: He musta been in a hurry.

39. Mussna = Must not have

Example: You mussna stolen my wallet.

40. Dontcha = Don’t you

Example: Dontcha see that?

41. Wontcha = Won’t you

Example: Wontcha watch that drama?

42. Betcha = Bet you

Example: I betcha can’t guess who she is!

43. D’you = Do you

Example: D’you like her?

44. S’more = Some more

Example: He will need s’more time.

Informal Contractions List in English with Examples

Let’s learn some useful informal contractions with examples that can help us to improve and enlarge our vocabulary.

Informal contractions are commonly used in American English as well as in other native English speakers. They are short forms of words that people use when they’re in casual conversation.

Let’s have more Informal Contractions:

Informal Contractions with “HAVE”

          Might have – mighta – She mighta caught her bus.

          Must have – musta – She musta been in a trouble.

          Should have – shoulda – She shoulda called before.

          Could have – coulda – He coulda been here by 7:00pm.

          Would have – woulda – She woulda arrived soon.

          Wouldn’t have – wouldna – He wouldna done that if he were you.

          She would have – she’da – She’da been prepared for her first class at the university.

          He would have – he’da – He’da liked to be there as well.

          I would have – I’da – I’da written to you, but I didn’t have enough time.

          They would have – they’da – I wish they’da given you more time!

          You would have – you’da – You’da enjoyed the concert last evening.

          Couldn’t have – couldna – I couldna called because my phone was stolen.

          Shouldn’t have – shouldna – I’m sorry, I shouldna told you the truth.

Informal Contractions with“YOU”

          Don’t you – dontcha – Dontcha see that?

          Didn’t you – didntcha – Didntcha like this shirt?

          Won’t you – wontcha  – Wontcha watch this movie?

          What are you – whatcha or watcha – Whatcha doing now?

          Got you – gotcha – I gotcha!

          Bet you – betcha – I betcha can’t guess who she is!

Informal Contractions with “OF”

          Kind of – kinda  – Della’s kinda cute.

          Out of – outta – He’s outta money.

          Cup of – cuppa  – Would you like a cuppa coffee?

          Sort of – sorta –He’s sorta tired.

          A lot of – a lotta – I eat alotta beef.

Informal Contractions with “TO”

          Got to – gotta – They’ve gotta go now.

          Going to – gonna – I’m gonna tell him the truth.

          Need to – needa –You needa know about Della.

          Want to – wanna – I wanna buy blue car.

          Have to – hafta – We hafta go now.

          Has to – hasta – John hasta work tomorrow.

          Ought to – oughta – You oughta phone your mother.

          Supposed to – supposeta – I’m supposta start a new job on Sunday.

          Used to – useta – She usta live in Germany.

Other Informal Contractions

          Give me – gimme – Gimme the pen!

          Let me – lemme – Lemme see that!

          Tell them – tell’em – We should tell’em the real story.

          Don’t know – dunno – I dunno him.

          Got a – gotta – Have you gotta job?

          Come on – c’mon – Cmon, let’s do it together from tomorrow!

I hope you have learned all the ins and outs of informal contraction from this article and now it is crystal clear to you. Fingers cross!

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