Industrial Revolution 4

Industrial Revolution – The Problems and Solutions of Fourth industrial Revolution


Tale of the World and Impact of Artificial Intelligent on Human Being

 Industrial Revolution 4 has completely changed our life. World, the name of a planet of an astonishing solar system of a general galaxy. It’s moving forward with a history of thousands of years.

There’re 750 crore people living in over two hundred countries. Among these 750 crore people, more than 1/3 of people live in China and India. Bangladesh has only 0.3 percent area of the whole surface of the earth, where 2.16 percent of the total population of the earth. are living here. That means for every square km, there are 1252 people living here in Bangladesh.

Here, the most interesting matter is, if all the people of the whole world go to the USA to live there, then the population density will be just 737 per SK. In 2012, there was an observation where we can see that 50.5 percent population was under thirty. What is interesting here is, that 89.7 percent of young people are living in developing countries. Although we disclose the number of young people and their possibilities on the contrary there is a dangerous story on the opposite of the coin. At this moment, there is no work for 75m young people in the whole world. On the other hand, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is knocking at the door.

Let’s dive into the statistics about Industrial Revolution

Statistics say that this condition will be worsened because artificial intelligence is being ready to take control of human work. Already we have seen cars running without a driver. There is a big question over the development of technology, whether it will be a problem for a human being! Can people compete with artificial intelligence to move forward? or Artificial intelligence will occupy tomorrow’s workplace? Can you remember the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century? When being tortured by the Neel-Cultivators, Bengali farmers have stopped all kinds of cultivation.

To fulfill the demand for Neel in the British industries, the British tortured the Bengali farmers and forced them to cultivate Neel. For that Industrial Revolution, our Tat and kutir-Shilpa had been banished from the subcontinent. At the end of two hundred years of that Industrial Revolution, the idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has been developing. The invasion of this revolution will spread all over the world. The coal of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming on the shoulder of Robots and artificial intelligence.

Who will be part of the Industrial Revolution?

Those who are studying technology and have a fascination with creative intelligence will be part of this mega revolution. Competing with robots, the power of intelligence will be tomorrow’s profession. There was a time in the 1980s, various govt. office appointed type-writer for typing. But now, the time has changed, the computer has replaced their places. To work with computers, we need to have the quality of explanation and intellectual power. According to the World Economic Forum, within 2020, 5m Jobs will vanish from the world. Robots and artificial intelligence will conquer humans’ jobs. The fourth Industrial Revolution will bring some tremendous change in human life. like;

(i) Digital Energy

(ii) Digital Transport

(iii) Digital production

(iv) 5G Network

(v) Digital Communication

(vi) Digital Health Care etc.

Sophisticated technology has already come to Bangladesh and many companies are using nanotechnology in their factories. Now, this is the time to think of it and take the necessary steps to avoid so many problems along with a job crisis. The government can’t take all the responsibilities, rather we, the young people should have taken some steps to survive in this digital era. In every sphere of life, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring change. Top skills of intellectual and creative based professionals of the 21st century:

(i) Leadership Skill:

You must have the quality to lead people, guide people, and encourage people.

(ii) Language Skill:

Everyone knows one language but some of them know one more language. Knowing a language besides your mother tongue is an asset that can help you to be different than others and thus you will get most of the opportunities of the world by communicating with people.

(iii) Computer Skill:

Now, we are living in an age of science, and without computers knowing science is difficult that is the reason why we must know computers and it’s some of the software.

(iv) Communication Skill:

Communicational skill is one of the most crucial skills of modern days. If you don’t have enough communication skills then you will not get enough opportunities for yourself.

(v) Global Citizen:

We are now global citizens and to be global citizens we must know some matters about technologies and proper use them.

(vi) Analytical Ability:

Every company needs someone who is capable of analyzing their datum.

(vii) Accountability:

To be trustworthy among people you must be accountable for your work.

(viii) Creative Thinking:

The general thinking is not working nowadays, for this, we must be able to be creative thinkers to cope pace of the present world.

(ix) Adjusted Mindset:

You must try to be math with anybody and anyplace. It may be an unknown place for people but you must try to keep a mindset that can adjust anywhere in the world.

I hoop, you have got a vivid idea about the fourth Industrial Revolution.

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