Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism

Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism:

Although, Oxford Dictionary has given the definition of imperialism that it’s a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through colonization, use of military force, or other means. But the definition has become changed now. At this moment, imperialism is everywhere and imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. No one can escape from it. Though people are trying to escape from it, unfortunately, they are completely failed to do that.

From teachers to students, from educated to uneducated, from BCS Cadre to Rickshaw pooler, from East to west, from north to south, they are victimized by this ever Curse. The teachers can’t perform their duties Without the permission or recognition of some students just because of the Power. Even a rickshaw Pooler can’t lead his life Without the experience of imperialism.

Let’s be more specific on imperialism;

In brief, there is no department in any section of a country that is free from imperialism. Now, the very sad thing is that the people are ruled by their native imperial ruler. In North Korea, people can’t use the internet to communicate with overseas guys even for their personal purposes, there is no television set except one like BTV that’s busy Express propaganda for the sake of the government’s popularity. Even they can’t watch the other Country’s movie. If anyone watches a Hollywood movie he/she has to be accused of it.

There is only one Tv channel that is always busy with Express propaganda. People can’t think, sing, say, wear whatever they want. North Korea is a country that executes its people for unauthorized International phone calls. Yeoinmi Park said when she was nine years old she saw her friend’s mother be executed publicly, her crime was to watch a Hollywood movie And her father was deported to a Prison camp for more than ten years, his crime was informal trading to find food for themselves.

You want to know more, right? Interesting!

When she fled to China as a refugee with her family, she saw her mother being raped, the rapist was a Chinese Broker, initially, he targeted her but she was only 13 years old. There is a saying in North Korea that the women are weak but the mothers are strong that’s why he raped my mother instead of me. The systems of the ruling of the imperial ruler have changed but today’s imperialism is more dangerous than in the past because we live in the 21st century or modern era.

Solution!! There are a bunch of ways to solve this most complicated problem, but I think only quality education and raising voices from every corner of the world is the key to solving this tragic problem. Otherwise, the whole human being has to pay a huge cost that will not be able to even minimized.

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