iLIFE V5s Pro Review

iLIFE V5s Pro Review: In-depth Expert Guide

ILIFE V5s Pro robot cleaner is a two-in-one machine that can vacuum and mop. It has a great sensor, self-charging, and schedule cleaning system, which is convenient. 

If you are wondering whether the ILIFE V5s Pro robot vacuum would be a wise decision or not, let me help you to make your decision effortless. 

Therefore, I am going to describe the product in detail. So, let’s dive into the section below.

Two-in-one can vacuum, and mop
Battery life is great
Multiple cleaning modes.
Self-charging system
Great sensor system.
Schedule cleaning
Low profile can clean under furniture and bed
Three cleaning modes.
Small dirt capacity

Feature And Benefits of ILIFE V5s Pro

Now, I am going to narrate the properties of the ILIFE V5s Pro robot vacuum. To purchase a robotic vacuum, you should know its functions and benefits.  


ILIFE V5s Pro is a robotic vacuum cleaner that has two-in-one cleaning abilities; vacuum and mop. By switching to a water tank it started moping. The capacity of the water tank, and dirt tank is 0.3 liters. 

The weight of this machine is 4.9 pounds, and its height is 2.76 inches. Plus, it comes with an attractive outlook and design. The robotic cleaner is controlled by a remote. That is why it is easy to maintain, use, and store.

HEPA filtration

The HEPA filter is capable of cleaning 99.9 percent of dirt and dust which is great. It has an anti-allergen that captures 90% of allergies and makes your house allergy-free. 

This filter is very useful for those who have allergies, and asthma patients at home. It does a great job around kids and pets also.

Surface Type

ILIFE can work on multi-surface. And, it can pull the dust, dirt, hair from hard surfaces, and carpets.

Besides, it can clean dust from hard floors, hardwood floors, tiles, etc. This works well on bare floor cleaning too.

Power Source

This device is a battery-powered system. It’s a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery that can run for 120 minutes. 

It’s a cordless cleaner, so it can clean anywhere from the entire house. The cordless feature makes easy cleaning work, with no worry about cord length. 


Self-charging is a very convenient feature. This machine included a self-charging feature that is very helpful with effortless cleaning.

After finishing the charge the robot can get back at the docking station for recharge. This way it’s always ready for the next use. So, you don’t have to worry about charging it. 

Schedule Function

This device’s most handy feature is the schedule function. You can fix a time for cleaning specifically. If you want to get back to a clean home, then set a time for when you are not at home.

Well, you can set time on a daily basis, and per week. This vacuum will start cleaning on set time. The feature is really amazing for stress-free, and convenient cleaning.

Docking Station

This device appeared with a charging station. After the cleaning, the device will come back to the dock, and easy to charge the machine itself. There is no need to plug it into the wall. 

Multiple Cleaning Modes

It can clean the different cleaning tasks by its multiple cleaning modes. For example, auto mode, spot mode, max mode, and edge mode. 

The auto mode can maximize cleaning. To set in the spot mode this device can clean specific areas. In the carpet cleaning the max mode is great. And the edge setting can intensively clean the corners and edges.

Provided Accessories

ILIFE V5s comes with many additional components, including a water tank, a mop cloth, a dustbin, a remote Control, 2 batteries for the remote, 2 filters, ac adapter, a charging Base, a cleaning brush, and 2 side brushes. These accessories have a variety of uses, and make the cleaning work easy, and simple.


ILIFE offers a 12-month limited warranty. The company will provide free repairs unless the product is damaged purposefully. The wholesaler may extend the warranty from where you purchase the product.

Comparison with Competitors: ILIFE V5s Pro

Specification ILIFE V5s Pro      Noisz PureClean
Surface TypeHard-floor, CarpetHard-floorHardwood, Tile, Carpet
Ideal for Pet messesYesYesYes
Battery Life140 minutes140 minutes90 minutes
Battery Requirement YesYesNo
Battery Cell CompositionLithium-ionLithium-ionLithium-ion
Control TypeRemoteRemoteRemote
HEPA filterYesNoYes
Dust Capacity0.3 liter0.3 liter0.3 liter
Assembly RequiredNoNoYes
Self ChargingYesYesYes

 Will Purchasing ILIFE V5s Vacuum be a Wise Decision?

ILIFE V5s is an amazing machine with fantastic features that can do your cleaning job effortlessly. This robotic cordless cleaner has a docking station and multiple cleaning modes.

After discussing all the features, I suggest you consider the ILIFE V5s which can give you a better cleaning experience.

But if you want, you can pick Noisz which can restrict the working area for cleaning. And, the PureClean has a dual-rotating brush that can catch dirt from floors along walls or edges, you can consider it either.

Frequently Asked Questions About ILIFE V5s Pro

Can ILIFE V5s Pro work in Auto mode?
Yes, it can work in Auto mode. It has great sensors that do not let the cleaner fall down stairs, and protect it around furniture.

Does ILIFE V5s connect to the phone?
This is a remote control vacuum cleaner. It does not work with apps, so it can’t connect to the phone. You can instruct it with the remote very easily.

Can ILIFE V5s mop on floors?
ILIFE V5s can mop on floors, and carpets. It can do simple cleaning on floors. But it is not effective cleaning.

Does NoisZ pull the dog food?
Yes, Noisz vacuum can pull the pet food effectively like cat, and dog food. If you are a pet owner, you will love that machine.

What type of battery is in PureClean, Automatic Programmable Robot?
The Automatic Programmable Robot vacuum has a lithium-ion battery.

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