Google Pixel 4A vs Samsung S20 – Which Cell Phone You Should Choose?

Samsung S20 and Google Pixel 4A are superb numerical smartphones with stunning features. However, you may need clarification when choosing the best one as they share many excellent properties. 

To assist in your decision, I will explain everything in detail, so you know all the necessary features and benefits. So, let’s see the difference first. 

What are the Differences Between Samsung S20 VS Google Pixel 4A

Samsung S20

Google Pixel 4A

Samsung S20 has a 12mp main camera and a 32mp selfie camera.  Google Pixel 4A has a 12.2 mp main camera and an 8 mp front camera. 
It is combined with a large display of 6.5 inches.  The Google Pixel 4A comes with a 5.7 inches display. 
The Samsung S20 is integrated with a robust 4500 mAh battery.  It has a 3140 mAh battery. 
You can capture 4k video resolution with the Samsung S20. It lets you record 1080 x 2340 pixels of video. 
The Cellular technology of the Samsung S20 is 5G. The Google Pixel 4A supports 4G cellular technology. 
The internal storage of the Samsung S20 is 128GB/256.  You will get 128GB internal storage with Google Pixel 4A.
It weighs 7 ounces. Google Pixel 4A is a lightweight device of only 5 ounces.
Its item dimension is 6.7 x 3.4 x 2.44 inches. The product dimension of Google Pixel 4A is 0.3 x 2.7 x 5.7 inches.
Best for:

  • Longer battery life
  • High-quality video 

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Best for:

  • Lightweight device
  • Large internal storage 

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Now you see many features that separate Samsung S20 and Google Pixel 4A from the above chart. 

Therefore, I will suggest the Samsung S20 because it has high-quality features that I will explain below.

Why Did I Recommend Samsung S20?

  • Samsung S20 is integrated with a 4500 mAh battery, and you can run this device for 48 hours on a full charge. In contrast, its competitor is combined with a 3140 mAh battery, and you can use it for only 24 hours. Now you see the S20 will allow you to run for a more extended period than the Pixel 4A.
  • The Samsung S20 includes an AMOLED display, but Google Pixel 4A comes with OLED. With an AMOLED display, you can get some sharp and satisfactory snaps and scroll mobile faster. 
  • You will get a 6.5 inches screen with Samsung S20 while Google Pixel 4A has a 5.5 inches display. This clearly shows that the S20 has a more prominent display than Google Pixel 4A, which can give you a chance to have a look larger picture on the screen.
  • Samsung S20 has a 12 mp primary camera resolution, and its selfie camera is 32 mp. On the other hand, Pixel 4A is designed with only a 12.2 mp primary and 8mp front camera. So if you want a better snap, you can go with Samsung S20. 
  • The Samsung S20 is made with Exynos 990 processor, but Pixel 4A is produced with Snapdragon 730G processor. The S20s processor is quite good compared to its rival device, which will help you run mobile faster.
  • With S20, you will get 128 and 256GB storage, whereas with Pixel 4A will give you only 128GB storage. So, if you want a mobile with a large storage capacity, you should consider the Samsung S20.

So, the Samsung S20 has some fantastic features that will give you a premium quality user experience. That is why I suggest you choose the Samsung S20. 

Other Specifications of  Samsung S20 VS Google Pixel 4A

Specification  Samsung S20 Google Pixel 4A
Image  Samsung S20 Google Pixel 4A
Editors Rating  4.7 out of 5  4.5 out of 5
Display Technology  AMOLED  OLED 
Ram  6GB  6GB 
Operating System  Android 10  Android 10 
Water-resistant  Yes  Yes  
Color  Cloud Navy Just Black
SIM Card Slot Dual  Dual 
Battery  One Lithium Ion battery is required. (included) One Lithium Ion battery is required. (included)
warranty 1 year limited 1 year limited 

Features of  Samsung S20 VS Google Pixel 4A

Now, let’s see some other crucial features with the benefits of the Samsung S20 and Google Pixel 4A below.


As Samsung S20 and Google Pixel 4A phones have an Android version of 10 and can be increased up to 11, they will give a faster user experience. And you can navigate these phones quickly. So must be happy with the mobile performance. 

Storage Capacity

Having good storage can give you a better user experience with a Phone. In this regard, both phones have similar internal storage. Samsung S20 and Google Pixel 4A have 128 GB storage. But you can choose 256 GB storage if you go with Samsung S20, which will let you manage more apps and data with this device. 


You can get premium audio quality with Samsung S20 and Google Pixel 4A. So, if you consider this feature, you can go with any of them. 


Generally, you can use Samsung S20 and Google Pixel 4A for some years with no manufacturer damage. But, if you face any issues caused by producers, you can utilize your contract for one year. 

But, you have to ensure the product is fresh and no damage done by you to use the warranty. 


So, finally7 I would say, if you want a phone to get a premium quality user experience, you should choose the Samsung S20.

But if you think the Google Pixel 3 is perfect for you, you can also pick this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung S20 VS Google Pixel 4A

Is the Samsung S20 phone a dual sim device?

 Yes, you can use a dual sim with the Samsung S20 to help you operate more on the phone. Thus, you can make your life hassle-free, especially if you must use two sims for some reason. 

Will I get a charger with Google Pixel 4A?

Yes, the charger is included with Google Pixel 4A, and you can charge your phone faster with its charger.

 Will I get a 1-year warranty with Pixel 4A?

Of course, you will get one year warranty with Pixel 3A. So, if you see any manufacturing issues with this phone, you can claim your contract.

Do the Samsung S20 phones work with Fast Charging?

Yes, the Samsung S20 allows fast charging, saving you time and reducing the painful waiting time to get it fully charged in no time.

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