Dyson V10 vs Samsung Jet 90- Choose The Suitable One 

Dyson V10 and Samsung Jet 90 are both cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaners. As both are the best vacuums from their brands, you may find it challenging to choose the suitable one for your home. What exactly I felt when I was about to buy a cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner for my house. Then I researched a lot about various types of vacuum cleaners. And after researching a lot I was able to choose the perfect one for me. so, I am pretty sure, you are also in a dilemma about which one to choose. But you don’t need to worry because I am here to help you solve this problem. I shall try to help you with my personal experience. 

These two vacuums are well-featured. so, You have to know their specification in detail before choosing one between the two. So here, I’ll discuss everything about their similarities and differences.

So, let’s check the differences chart first.

What Are The Differences Between Dyson V10 vs Samsung Jet 90

Dyson V10Samsung Jet 90
Dyson V10 has 151 AW suction power.The suction power of the Samsung Jet 90 is 200 AW.
Its pipe is not telescopic.The pipe of the Samsung Jet 90 is telescopic.
The feature of the dual charging station is not included with Dyson V10.It has a dual charging station.
Its dust capacity is 0.76 LThe dust capacity of Samsung Jet 90 is 0.8 L
Dyson V10 has no cleaning station.The Samsung jet 90 provides a hygienic cleaning station.
A digital display feature is not provided with Dyson V10 It has a digital display feature.
It doesn’t have Clog-reducing Jet Cyclone technology Clog-reducing Jet Cyclone technology is a special feature of the Samsung Jet 90
Cleaning path width is 9.84 inchesThe brush width of the Samsung Jet 90 is 8.5 inches
Dyson V10 weights 5.88 poundsIt is a machine of 6.2 pounds
The wattage of Dyson V10 is 115 watts.To operate it 200 watts are needed.
The product dimension of the Dyson V10 is 9.84″L x 10.08″ W x 49.17″HThe Samsung Jet 90 has an 8.5″L x 9.8″W x 44.7″H of item dimension.
Dyson V10 offers a two-year limited warranty.A one-year limited warranty is provided with the Samsung Jet 90
Best forMulti-surface cleaning.Lightweight. Check Dyson V10  Prize at AmazonBest forTelescopic pipe. Dual charging station.Check Samsung Jet 90 Prize at Amazon

I hope you got a brief idea about the differences from the mentioned chart and are able to choose the suitable one. But if you ask for my recommendation, I would recommend you go with the Samsung Jet 90. Would you prefer to know why? Then check the below section.

Why Should Samsung Jet 90 Be Your choice?

  • Samsung Jet 90 has a super suction power of 200 AW, but its opponent’s suction power is 151 AW. Because of more suction power, Samsung Jet 90 can Clean hardwood, tile, and carpet more perfectly.
  • The pipe of the Samsung Jet 90 is telescopic. It has four available length adjustments for comfortable use. In contrast, Dyson V10’s pipe is not telescopic.
  • Samsung Jet 90 includes a dual charging station. In this dual charging station, two batteries can be charged at a time. On the other hand, Dyson V10 does not have a dual charging station.
  • The Samsung Jet 90 has a huge dust capacity of  0.8 L. In contrast, Dyson V10 has a dust capacity of 0.76 L. Because of the bigger bin  Samsung Jet 90 needs less emptying the bin.
  • A hygienic cleaning station is provided with The Samsung jet 90. It automatically empties its bin with the help of this cleaning station also while emptying the dustbin in the cleaning station it prevents ultrafine dust from being released back into the air. On the other hand, Dyson V10 doesn’t have a cleaning station.
  • The CrossWave features a digital display on the handle for checking power level, brush type, and monitoring alerts. The other vacuum does not have this feature.
  • Clog-reducing Jet Cyclone technology is a special feature of the Samsung Jet 90. To keep dirt and debris from building up on the filter, clog-reducing jet cyclone technology provides consistent, powerful suction. In comparison, Dyson V10 doesn’t provide this feature.

These are the main points why I am recommending the Dyson V10. So, to get a better and more versatile cordless vacuum, you can choose it.

Now let’s see some other specifications of these two vacuum cleaners.

Other Specification Chart of Dyson V10 vs Samsung Jet 90

specificationDyson V10Samsung Jet 90
Editor’s Rating4.6 out of 5.04.8 out of 5.0
Special FeatureLightweight Lightweight, Cordless, HEPA
Form FactorStick, HandheldStick
Filter TypeDisk HEPA
Surface RecommendationCarpet, Hard FloorHard Floor
Power SourceBattery PoweredBattery Powered
Is cordless?Yes Yes 
Voltage110 volts110 volts 
Run Time 1 hour 1 hour 
Number of items11
Controller TypeHand ControlPush button
Control MethodTouchTouch 
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required 1 Lithium Ion batteries required
Batteries Required?Yes Yes 
Color Copper Titan Silver

Features of Dyson V10 vs Samsung Jet 90

Let’s see some other features of Dyson V10 vs Samsung Jet 90.

Design and Display

Both Dyson V10 and Samsung Jet 90 are similarly designed. But there are a few differences in their feature. Both have some similarities and differences in their feature. Similar features are multi-floor cleaning head, great cleaning performance, click-in cleaning tools, an in-hand dust bin, an extension Wand, 3 suction levels, and a washable filter. Differences between their features are telescopic wand, dust bin, controls, and display. 

Samsung jet 90 includes a digital display so that, you can get more information about the machine. You can check notifications such as the power level, brush type, monitor alerts, airflow issues, clogs, and missing filters on its digital display. But Dyson V10 doesn’t have this feature.

Cleaning performances

According to their cleaning performances, they are just excellent in this department. Both of them are multi-surface cleaning vacuum cleaners. There are just a few differences in their performance on different surfaces. Bot the vacuums are excellent on low-pile carpets. Both can easily pick up fine debris like baking soda and larger debris like sand. Dyson V10 is good on high-pile carpets but Samsung Jet 90 shows great performance on high-pile. Both do a fantastic job in their pet hair floor performance.


Because of the lightweight design and plastic wheels of the Dyson V10, this vacuum has good maneuverability. It can easily move and cleans anywhere. Dyson cordless technology makes cleaning easier all around your home. The Samsung Jet 90 has also good maneuverability. It is not a heavy machine. The pipe is telescopic. It has four adjustable lengths. So, you can adjust its length according to your comfortable use. Tools are designed for easy cleaning.

Run time

The run time of Dyson V10 and SAMSUNG jet 90 is the same. Both can run up to 60 minutes when both are fully charged. Both need almost three and a half hours to be fully charged. But the run time depends on the power mode, cleaning brushes, and what type of floor is used with the vacuum. 


Dyson V10 has some parts that need regular cleaning. Such as dirt component, lint screen, HEPA filter, Motorized head and roller, soft roller cleaner head, and turbo brush. After washing any part with water, needs to dry in the air for at least 24 hours. 

Maintaining the Samsung Jet 90 is quite easy. A few parts are needed to be removed and kept clean. The parts which should be cleaned are the dirt compartment, cyclone, Microfilter, HEPA filter, soft brush head, turbo action brush head, and motorized brush tool. After washing any part with water should be kept in the air to dry thoroughly. 

Included Components of Dyson V10 and Samsung Jet 90

Dyson and Samsung know best how to clean your home perfectly. That’s why they designed many tools to deep clean your whole home. With your purchase, you will get some tools or components. Let’s see what will you get.

 Dyson V10

  • Vacuum
  • Charger
  • Wall Mount
  • Combination Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Mini Motorized Tool
  • Mini Soft Dusting Brush

Samsung Jet 90

  • Brush
  • Battery
  • HEPA Filter
  • Crevice tool

Final Word

lastly, I would say that the Dyson V10 is a very good cordless vacuum cleaner. It has powerful suction power of 200 AW. It comes with a dual charging station so you can charge two batteries at a time. It has a telescopic pipe for comfortable use. The size of the dustbin is also big. Its cleaning station keeps the room clean and hygienic. In its digital display, you can check notifications about your machine.

So, I would highly recommend you go with Dyson V10. But if you are happy with the Samsung Jet 90 for its big-size cleaning head, full-size bin, 2 years warranty, or any other property, you can go with that as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dyson V10 and Samsung Jet 90

Is Dyson V10 work on hard floors?

The Dyson has three suction power modes. This strong suction can work on multi-surface floors. So it can work on hard floors 

Does the Samsung jet 90 provide two batteries?

The Samsung Jet 90 comes with a dual charging station, where two batteries can be charged at the same time. But only one battery is included with the machine.

Can I replace a Dyson V10 battery?

It is one of the misconceptions that the Dyson battery isn’t replaceable. But it is not true. All Dyson cordless vacuums have a removable battery.

Is the filter of Samsung Jet 90 washable?

The Samsung Jet 90 has a HEPA filter. It is a washable filter. Samsung recommends washing it once a month in cold water and then drying it to air for up to 24 hours before using.

 Is it safe to leave Dyson V10 on charge?

It is safe to leave Dyson V10 on charge as the battery is designed for that purpose and won’t consume excess electricity once fully charged.

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