Dyson DC50 Vacuum Review

Dyson DC50 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner that is effortless to move and carry. Moreover, this device has features with many advanced properties like corded, and washable filters that can help you to get perfect and convenient cleaning. 

But if you are confused about whether to choose the machine or not, then let me help you. I am going to mention every feature you need to know about the device before purchasing.

Therefore, let’s dive into the section below to know the features of the Dyson DC50. 

Why You Should Choose Dyson DC50?

  • Dyson DC50 features powerful suction and advanced filtration, efficiently cleaning various floor types and trapping allergens.
  • Its compact, lightweight design with Ball technology offers easy maneuverability around furniture and tight corners.
  • The self-adjusting cleaner head ensures optimal contact with floors, while hygienic bin emptying and low maintenance make it convenient to use.
Ultra-light, user friendly
Self-cleaning system
Washable filter.Effortless to carry and store
Can clean pets’ hair effectively
Has the latest ball technology
Two-tier radial cyclones can clean more dirt.
Small dustbin capacity.

Feature And Benefits of Dyson DC50

Now, it’s necessary to know the features and benefits to know more about the product for purchase. So, I have mentioned properties here to clear y

our concept, read below.


Dyson DC50 is lightweight and has a compact design device that is easy to maneuver, move, carry, and store. The weight of the device is 5.4 pounds. It’s so light on the body that you can teach your kids to vacuum. Also, old people and people with back pain find this device so effortless to clean.

This machine comes out with a mini flat-out head that can easily clean the under furniture and bed. It has a quick-release wand that can remove dust and debris from tight and awkward areas.

Surface Type

This upright vacuum cleaner has a multi-floor cleaning feature. It can remove debris from hardwood floors, sealed floors, and marble floors. 

Besides this device can clean the carpet, area rug, vinyl, tile, etc. Well, Dyson DC50 can pick up dirt and debris from all types of floors effectively.

Power Source

This machine is a corded electric vacuum cleaner. Its cord length is 25 feet long which is enough for the average size of rooms.

You can pick up the last piece of dirt from the floor with the corded function. Another thing is you don’t have to worry about the battery dead during cleaning.

Washable Filter

Dyson DC50 has two filters, that is a pre-filter and post filter. Both filters require washing with only cold water for hygienic cleaning.

You have to wash them at least once every three months, mostly depending on the intensity of your use. After finishing washing you need to dry them for a minimum of 24 hours. And then attach filters to the machine.

Tier Radial

Dyson appeared with two-tier radial cyclone technology. That impressive feature can pull more dirt and debris than any other cleaner. Also, do not miss any microscopic dust and particles from the floors.

Easy-Empty Dust Cup

It has a 0.8 liters dust container that is easy to empty, and clean. The capacity of the dust cup is not very large but it’s enough for the average size of houses.

After finishing the vacuuming you can empty the cup in one touch by putting the debris into the trash bin. Then clean the dust cup with water for next use.

Ball Technology

This device has the latest ball technology that can turn on the spot, and overcome steering limitations. The wheels can easily steer around the furniture and bed. And, can steer easily through edges and difficult places. 

Provided Accessories

Dyson DC50 comes with a hard-floor brush and turbine brush. With this additional equipment the device can clean floors effectively, and the turbine brush is for cyclone cleaning systems.


The Dyson manufacturer offers a five-year limited warranty. This is a huge time for warranty, if you find a problem in this period, then you should contact them.

They will surely help you but you need the warranty card to claim it. So keep it a safe place.

            Comparison with Competitors: Dyson DC50

Specification Dyson DC50KenmoreHoover Wind Tunnel
Cord length25 feet35 feet30 feet
Surface TypeFloorCarpet, Hard-floorHard-floor, Carpet, Upholstery
Ideal for Pet messesYesYesYes
Assembly Requirement _YesYes
HEPA filterYesYesYes
Control TypePush ButtonHand ControlPush Button
Tank Size0.8 litersBagged1.42 liters
Self EmptyingYesNoNo

 Will Purchasing Dyson DC50 Vacuum be a Wise Decision?

Dyson DC50 is a fantastic vacuum cleaner that is user-friendly and an ultra-lightweight device that can make your cleaning work simple and smooth. It has additional functions, the latest ball technology, and a two-tier radial system.

Discussing all the features above, I strongly suggest you pick Dyson DC50 for effortless convenient cleaning.

However, Kenmore has a long cord length, and Hoover has a large dust cup capacity. If you like these properties, you can choose them either.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dyson DC50

Does the Dyson DC50 have an attachment holder on board?

Yes, it does. It has element holders on board which is convenient. But you can’t attach more than two attachments because it has only two holders.

Does the Dyson DC50 have a HEPA filter?

Dyson DC50 has a HEPA filtration system. This filter can catch 99.9 percent of particles and 90 percent of allergens. If you have children, and pets at home, then this device is best for you.

Is Hoover Wind Tunnel clean from a high pile?

Absolutely, this machine is a multi-surface cleaner that can clean dirt, debris, and hair from a high pile to tile effectively. 

How much does Kenmore have a dust cup capacity?

This vacuum cleaner is bagged. So, it does not have a dust container or capacity.

Can the Dyson DC50 clean the area rugs?

Though the Dyson DC50 is a multi-floor vacuum cleaner, it can clean the area rugs and carpets. 

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