DeWalt Planer 734 vs 735 Review – Which Is Best For Your Need?

If you decided to purchase a new wood planer from DeWalt, the next question would be which one to choose, DeWalt 734 or 735. However, let me help you, both machines are identical with a few differences. 

But DW 735 is ahead of the competition; it has a large width capacity, a fan assistant dust ejector system, and many more. 

Hence, in the below sections, I have shared their differences and similarities so that you can make the investment worth it.

What Are The Differences Between DeWalt Planer 734 vs 735

DeWalt 735DeWalt 734
The width capacity of the DeWalt 735 is 13 inches.DeWalt 734 has a 12.05 width capacity.
It has a two-speed gearbox.This machine comes with a one-speed gearbox. 
DW 735 has a motor of 2 horsepower (HP).The horsepower of this planer has 1hp.
The cuts per minute of this have a 30,000 maximum number.It is capable of cutting per minute is only 18,000.
DeWalt 735 makes a noise of 92 decibels.The noise level of this machine is 98 decibels. 
This planer has a dust ejection with a fan assistant system to pump or eject the sawdust.DW 734 does not include this feature. 
DeWalt 735 can plane at 96 CPI and 179 CPI. It can only plane at a single speed of 96 CPI. 
The weight of this device is around 45.4 lbs. This planer has 80 pounds weight.
Best for Best for

These leading causes make the DeWalt 735 slightly better compared to DeWalt 734. And that is why I suggest you pick the DeWalt 735 over the 734. If you want to know more about these planer, dive with me into beneath.

Why Should You Choose DeWalt 735?

  • DeWalt 735 has a powerful 15amp, 20,000 revolutions per minute (RPM motor, which can provide clean cuts, and the two-speed gearbox of this planer can deliver 96 and up to 179 cuts per inch (CPI). You can use 96 CPI for dimensioning material and 179 for an excellent finish. But the DeWalt 734 has a one-speed gearbox and 96 CPI.
  • Ability to cut per minute the DW735 can cut a maximum of 30,000. In contrast, the DW734 has only an 18,000 cut-per-minute capacity. So you can cut more items in less time with DW735.
  • The aluminium base can provide 19-3/4 inches, two times more rigid than other tools, and 10” folding tables. You will find these features more useful to support material than the traditional ones. While the 734 comes with extra long infeed and outfeed tables. 
  • DeWalt 735 offers a width capacity of 13 inches for versatile planer cuts. In contrast, DW 734 has 12.05 inches width capacity. So, go with 735; you will have a larger width capacity.
  • It has appeared with a fan assistant dust ejection system with a motorized head to pump or eject the sawdust out of the device when you place boards. The two shroud helps to get dust collected without your effort. On the other hand, DW 734 does not have this feature.
  • DeWalt 735 has an automatic carriage lock that can decrease the movement that causes snipe. You can do that without the need for manual engagement. But the 734 does not come with this function.

All those additional features make DW 735 the best planer machine. If you are searching for the better one of these two, then DW735 should be your ideal pick.

Other Features Of DeWalt 734 vs 735

Specification DeWalt 735Dewalt 734
ImagesDeWalt 735DeWalt 734
Editor’s Ratings4.8 out of 5.04.7 out of 5.0
Motor Power15Amp15Amp
Power TypeCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Variable SpeedYesNo
No Load Speed (RPM)20,000 (Motor) 10,000 (Cutterhead)20,000 (Motor) 10,000 (Cutterhead)
Max of Depth Cut1/81/8
Depth Capacity6”6”
Width Capacity13”12.05”
Blade TypePlanner KnifePlanner Knife
Number of BladesThree BladesThree Blades
Cuts Per Minute30,00018,000
Cuts Per Inch9696 or 179
Item Weight45.4 lbs80 lbs
Product Dimension24 x 22 x 19 inches24 x 17 x 21 inches
Warranty Description3-years limited3-years limited

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Features Of DeWalt Planer 734 vs 735

Here, I am going to describe some other features to clear your concept of these planers. 


The DW735 has a better design when comparing the overall superiority of both planers thanks to its larger depth adjustment handle, easier-to-read depth gauge, and automated carriage lock for added safety. 

Besides, it has two extraction hoods; one is for fan-assisted chip ejection, and the other is for dust. Whereas DW 734 has four carriage locks and a regular dust ejection system. 


Both machines have the same 15 amp, 20,000 extremely powerful RPM motors. These motors are 120 VAC belt driven and can perform consistently long-term; you can count.

However, the 735 model has two-speed control, giving you one speed for quick thickness planing and the other is finer finished. But the DW735 has a width capacity of 13 inches while the 734 has 12.05 inches.

Besides, the DW 735 offers 96 and 179 cuts per inch (CPI). On the other side, the 734 only can 96 cuts per inch (CPI).


These planers can do 10,000 cutting actions per minute with three disposal blades. That means they have up to 30,000 RPM sheer cutting ability. 

Replaceable Knives

The devices come with three razor-sharp knives, which are reversible and disposable. These knives are 30 percent longer, which is bigger than traditional knives and makes knife changing quicker and faster. Because of the ease of changing the knives, you can save time sharpening the blades. 

Material Versatility

Both devices are suitable for almost all wood types, from the softest pine to the sturdiest hardwood. These can even safely plane tricky burl wood and other beautiful but difficult textures of hardwood.


DeWalt 735 can give you more effortless depth adjustment with little more flexibility in terms width of the wood you are going to cut. While the 734 can cut 12.05 inches which is half an inch less than the 735. 

But the half-inch difference is huge when it comes to cutting the wood’s perfect dimension for the project. And it will save you money, effort, and time in the long run. 

Knob vs Wheel

DW734 has a rotating knob on the top right to adjust the cut depth. But the DW 735 comes with a wheel located on the bottom right. 

However, the knob and wheel are rotatable, and once you start moving it, you’ll see the metrics in the ruler in front changing. And the 735, working with wheels, is more convenient than a knob.

Dust Blower

The DW 735 has a dust blower that can reduce chips and sawdust that pile up from the broad while you cut wood. You can hook the blower to collect the dust with a trash bin or hose to prevent the blower from scattering sawdust everywhere. 

This is a significant feature that can reduce your work to cleaning debris and is better than the simple dust hood of DW 734.

Power Source

Dewalt 734 and 735 are both corded electric; the cord system is winding, which makes it easy to keep the messy power cords out of your way while working. With these cords, you don’t have to worry about children or other family members tripping it.

Besides, it is a significant feature for professional workshops to ignore safety hazards, and if you want, mount your planer on a table for easy use. 

Weight and Durability

Planning is a quick job and generates lots of vibration. But these machines can use the weight as an advantage to reduce snipe and vibration. 

However, comparing the two planers, according to their weight, the DeWalt 735 is lighter at 45.4 lbs, whereas the DeWalt 734 weighs 80 lbs. 


DeWalt offers a three-year limited warranty which covers the defects of material or workmanship without charge. Only repair within the warranty period.

But they don’t take responsibility for part failure due to normal or tool abuse. Besides, this warranty does not apply to accessories or damage caused where others have made repairs.

For further information, visit their site or ask the dealer where you buy from for more details.

Still, you can check the DeWalt warranty policy.

Final Word – DeWalt Planer 734 vs 735

Overall, both DW 734 and 735 portable planers are the best quality from the same tool manufacturer. These machines work extremely well on a workshop and job site woodworking project. 

But the DW 735 has advanced features maximum cuts per minute are 30,000, and cuts per inch are 96 and 197, with a two-speed gearbox that can do the job in less time. 

However, the DW 734 is less expensive than the 735s; you can consider DW 734, either.

Frequently Asked Questions About DeWalt Planer 734 vs 735

Can Dewalt 735 blades be reversible?
Yes, the DW 735 has a reversible thickness planer, and disposable knives made of M2 laminated tool steel and long-lasting. So, you can easily change the blades; no need to bother yourself to sharpen them.

Can you put a helical head on a Dewalt planer?
Unlike the traditional cutter head, the spiral cutter head designs to exchange the straight knife on the DeWalt 735 planers, reducing tear out more conveniently. In addition, it can provide a superior finish in highly figured wood.

How many amps does the Dewalt 735 planer have?
DeWalt 735 has a powerful 15 amp with a 20,000 RPM motor that can efficiently manage more significant cuts in comprehensive materials. 

Can DeWalt 735 be used on the workbench?
Since DW735 is a planer device without any infeed and outfeed table, you can use it on the workbench. But make sure it can hold the 92 pounds machine.

Does DeWalt 734 come with an infeed outfeed table?
Yes, DW 734 appeared with an extra long infeed and outfeed table, which can provide you with 33.05 material support.

Is DeWalt 734 easy to travel?
Well, yes, you can move it with the help of other people due to the 80 pounds weight. But it has a handle conveniently and does not take up much place on the vehicle. So, you can move it to the job site or when you change house. 

How thin can you cut with a Dewalt 735?
The maximum planing thickness of DeWalt 735 is 1/8 inch and a 6 inches depth capacity. 
Is Dewalt 735 worth it?

Although this planer is bulky and a little expensive, it is a great tool with additional features for professional use. It has impressive knives, an advanced dust collection system, and high power cutting ability, which are durable and efficient.

How much horsepower is the DeWalt 734 Planer?
The DW 734 planer has 2 horsepower (HP) with 120 voltage, 15amp can cut wide materials and 10,000 cutter speeds. 

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