DeWalt 735 vs 735x Review – Explained Pros and Cons

DeWalt 735 and 735x, which one is best? Are you wondering about these two planners? These upgraded machines have quite identical features. But the 735x comes with the latest properties that provide a smooth wood planing experience.

In addition, DeWalt 735x comes with an infeed and outfeed table, which is convenient for cutting and more. Therefore, I will discuss these two models in depth in the section below. Let’s take a look at the differences and then other features.

What Are The Differences Between Dewalt 735 vs 735x

DeWalt 735DeWalt 735x
DeWalt 735 does not have an infeed and outfeed table.DeWalt 735x comes with an infeed and outfeed table.
An extra set of knives do not include with the 735.This device has an extra set of knives.
The dimension of this machine is 24 x 22 x 19 inches.It has 1 x 1 x 1 inch of product dimension.
The weight of this device is around 45.4 lbs. The weight of this machine is 50.4 pounds.
Best for Best for

Both models has a lot of similarities with few differences. As you can see from the above chart that these machines are the same, but the DeWalt 735x has some additional features than the 735. I recommend you choose the 735x, which is the upgrade version of DeWalt. For further information, check the section below–

Why Should You Choose Dewalt 735x?

  • DeWalt 735x appeared with an infeed and outfeed table, which is attachable, and each table is 13 inches long. When feeding long boards into the machine, you can add 36 inches of much-needed support to the 19-3/4-inch long base.  In comparison, the 735 does not include this feature.
  • This machine offers an extra set of replaceable and disposable knives. Which you can use after the damage of the original. On the other side, the DeWalt 735 does not has an extra set of knives.
  • DeWalt 735x is upgrade version of DeWalt planer. That works more efficiently and smoothly than the past versions.   

These are all the key features that make DeWalt 735x better than the 735. You can go for the 735x since it provides some extra properties.  

Other Features Of Dewalt 735 vs 735x

Specification DeWalt 735Dewalt 735x
ImagesDeWalt 735DeWalt 735x
Editor’s Ratings4.6 out of 5.04.8 out of 5.0
Motor Power15Amp15Amp
Power TypeCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Variable SpeedYesYes
No Load Speed (RPM)20,000 (Motor) 10,000 (Cutterhead)20,000 (Motor) 10,000 (Cutterhead)
Max of Depth Cut1/81/8
Depth Capacity6”6”
Width Capacity13”13”
Blade TypePlanner KnifePlanner Knife
Number of BladesThree BladesThree Blades
Cuts Per Minute30,00030,000
Cuts Per Inch96 and 17996 and 179
Warranty Description3-years limited3-years limited

Features of Dewalt 735 vs 735X

Here, you will find more features of both DeWalt 735 and 735x. These feature descriptions will help you to select the best planner between them.


Both machines are pretty identical and have a similar structure. They have an adjustable handle, removable material gauge, and an extra-large thickness scale, which can deliver accurate cuts in every pass.

Besides, they have fan-assisted chip ejection that reduces your cleaning work and an automatic carriage lock for safety.


The DeWalt 735x and 735 machines have the same 15 amp, 20,000 powerful RPM motors. The voltage of these motors is 120, which is belt driven and can perform consistently long-term.

In addition, both models have two-speed motor control, one speed for quick thickness planing, and the other is finer finished. Also, they offer the same amount of cuts per inch (CPI), 96 or 179, and the width capacity is 13 inches for machines.

Replaceable Knives

They have three similar razor-sharp knives, which are reversible and disposable. These knives are 30 percent longer and bigger than traditional knives. Both machines have made knife changing quicker and faster, and no need to sharpen the blades.

But the DeWalt 735x comes with an extra set of knives which is convenient, and you can change the knives after damaging the original.


Both planers can do 10,000 cutting actions per minute with three disposal blades. And they have up to 30,000 RPM sheer cutting ability. 

Material Versatility

Both devices are suitable for almost all wood types, from the softest pine to the sturdiest hardwood. These can even safely plane tricky burl wood and other beautiful but difficult textures of hardwood.

Dust Blower

Both devices have the same dust blower that can reduce chips and sawdust from the board while you cut wood. The easiest way to collect dust from these devices is by hooking the blower with dust trash. 

This convenient function can reduce your work to cleaning debris the traditional way.

Power Source

Dewalt 734 and 735 models are corded electric with winding cords, which makes it easy to keep the messy power cords out of your way while planning. 

Besides, it is a significant feature for professional workshops to avoid safety hazards, and you don’t have to worry about children or other family members tripping it.

Weight and Durability

Planning is a quick job and generates lots of vibration. But these machines can use the weight as an advantage to reduce snipe and vibration. 

However, comparing the two planers, according to their weight, the DeWalt 735 is lighter at 45.4 lbs, whereas the DeWalt 735x weighs 50.4 lbs. 


DeWalt manufacturers have a three-year limited warranty which covers the defects of material or workmanship without charge you can repair within the warranty period.

But they don’t offer free service for part failure due to normal or tool abuse. Besides, this warranty does not apply to accessories or damage caused where others have made repairs.

For more information, you can visit their leading site or ask the dealer where you buy it.

Final Word

Unquestionably, the Dewalt DW735 and DW735X are two of the best planer machines available today. You can choose based on your preference which planer will suit your requirements. 

However, with the DeWalt 735x, you can experience better performance. This is the latest DeWalt model and comes with an extra set of knives with an infeed and outfeed table.

On the other side, the DeWalt 735 is lightweight and has a few same features of 735x, which you can select if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dewalt 735 vs 735x

How long does the width capacity 735x have?
The width of DW 735x is 13 inches, the same as the model 735. And you can deal with several planks at a time.

Can helical head adjust on a Dewalt planer?
Unlike the traditional cutter head, the spiral cutter head designs to exchange the straight knife on the DeWalt 735 and 745x planers, reducing tear-out more conveniently. Also, it can provide a superior finish in highly figured wood.

How do to change the blade on a DW 735x?
Easy enough, first Remove headed screws to remove the top yellow cowling. Then, drag the black dust shroud and clean out any blocked wood chips. After that, remove the screws on each of the three blades. And change the blades with new ones, then assemble them reversely.

Does the DeWalt 735 come with infeed and outfeed tables?
No, but the model 735x comes with infeed and outfeed tables which is convenient and helps you to cut the long wood.

Can I use this planer to renew painted wood?
Yes, before putting the lumber into the planer, you must wash and remove the paint with sandpaper. Otherwise, the color may stick onto the rubber rollers and affect your future work.

Is a 3-blade planer better than a 2-blade?
For instance, a three-blade planer cutter head speed has 24,000 cuts per minute.
On the other hand, a two-blade cutter head will produce a cutting speed of 16,000 cuts per minute. The higher the cutter head rpm, the smoother the results. So, a three blades planer is best.

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