Best Alternative To Evernote

 Regarding smart note-taking and task management software, Evernote has been the most popular option for decades. But are there any alternatives to Evernote that offer premium functionality? 

With the advancement of digital platforms, many smart note-taking applications with some fantastic features are available on the market. This is what makes users look for alternative options to Evernote. And, if you are one of them, this article will help you to revolutionize your productivity. And I have hunted down the top 15 Evernote alternatives for you.

15 Best Alternative To Evernote

  • Google Keep

google keep

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

If you use Google products like google chrome, Keep is the most excellent and convenient way to note your necessities. To use Google Keep, you don’t need to install any external application; you will find it right in the list of your Google apps. It’s completely free and notes down every thought effortlessly. 

The designs and patterns of using this application are very basic. You can easily understand the feature and function as you go to its landing page. Google Keep also offers you image, audio, and vi

deo attaching options and thus making your task more convenient. 

  • Apple Notes

apple notes


Platforms: Web, iOS, and Mac


Are you a Apple products user like- iPhones or MacBooks? Check the yellow notepad icon Apple Note to list down all your necessary information. It could be your daily routines, grocery list, business appointments, meetings, or cooking recipes- Apple Note is there to shortlist all your plans. 

The latest upgrades in Apple Notes have turned it into an entire task management system. You can insert photos, share videos, recover or edit previous notes, and more. And to ensure your information or notes are saved, Apple Notes also has password facilities. 

  • Microsoft OneNote

microsoft onenote

Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Microsoft Onenote is designed to take all the notes of your daily routines by typing, writing, or drawing on the screen. In simple work, you can have the feel of noting your task with paper and pen. And the most amazing feature is converting handwritten notes to type text! It also allows you to highlight your note’s important lines or events. Microsoft OneNote is not just about texts. Sharing photos, videos, and audio clips with your teammate makes information sharing much more convenient. 

Besides, the offline access of this application makes it an excellent alternative to Evernote. This tool is further compatible with any device or platform. So, it doesn’t matter where you are; you can quickly review your notes and finish your work.  

  • Onethread 


Platform: Web, Windows, Mac, Android

Looking for an internal document management or notes sharing system? Go for Onethread. It is an excellent platform for organizing daily tasks, managing work, and sharing notes and information with your team. 

With Onethread, you can have live updates of all your tasks and track the process neatly. You will also find a discussion panel where you can share your notes and thoughts with your team members. Importing files or documents is now more straightforward with this application. You can share them from the drive or within the projects or tasks. 

Thus, using Onethread will allow you to take notes of the assigned task and keep you and your team on track with its progress. So, if you want to make your project more effective, Onthread should be your ultimate solution. To know more about this, check out Introducing Onethread. 

  • Dropbox Paper 

dropbox paper

Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Dropbox Paper is more than just a note tool. It is an extension and collaborative product by Dropbox- a document editing service. You can list your plans with dates, preview Dropbox files, link other paper docs, and more. Besides, you can share your notes with your teammates directly from Dropbox Paper. Thus, keep the dates and deadlines always in check. 

Task management has become much easier with Dropbox paper as it brings creation and coordination all in a single platform. More interestingly, Dropbox Paper has all keyboard shortcuts you can implement to make your task quick without spending hours planning or taking notes. 

  • CintaNote


Platforms: Web, iOS, Android

CintaNote is not just an alternative to Evernote but a better option to it. Collecting text from any app, attaching pictures and documents to your notes, and syncing them across many devices are all possible with CintaNote. Besides this information collection and sharing facilities, this application offers an ideal system for managing your notes. You can organize your notes by sections or using hierarchical tags. And to discover the notes more quickly, it also has full-text search bar options. 

When it comes to note security, CintaNote is undoubtedly your best option to go for. You can make automatic backups of your notebook and encrypt or password-protect them. And lastly, they can give access to your notes offline also. So, no worries about the internet connection; your notes are always safe with you. 

  • Tettra 


Platform: Web

If you are looking for software to guide your team members with information or useful notes, Tettra can assist you. It is an excellent wiki tool to organize tasks, share notes, plan projects with your employees, and more. It is programmed to work with Slack; only the members you add can see or review your notes. And to keep the system more organized, it effectively integrates with GitHub, Google Drive, and Zapier.

Tettra offers you options to add new notes to the existing files, create new documents, or request notes from your teammate. And what is more impressive is that each time you make any changes to your notes, it notifies your team member. Thus it keeps all the employees updated with information. 

  • Notejoy


Platforms: Web, Mac, Windows, iOS

Sharing your notes is more fun with Notejoy. It is a collaborative note managing system that allows all your team members access and keeps them in real-time updates. Undoubtedly it is a fantastic medium to organize your information and make your project more effective. 

You can integrate Notjoy with google drive, Microsoft Office, Zoom, Slack, Trello, and Gmail. So, you are getting a complete package to gather information, note them, update or edit them, and then share it quickly with your teammates. It also supports image attachment with a simple drag-and-drop method. And you can view, update or even create notes offline, making Notejoy an excellent choice!

  • Simplenote
  • simplenote

Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web

Keeping notes with Simplenote is just as simple as its names. It is an excellent alternative to Evernote to organize and share your notes with your team members. You can post your thoughts or publish the information you want to share. There is also an option to highlight important ideas on your note. In short, it can do all that Evernote offers.

Other features to mention include backups, syncing, and sharing options in Simplenote. You can search the tags or check the shared updates to find your note quickly. Thus it makes your management system much more convenient. 

  • Quip


Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

Quip is a wonderful alternative to Evernote because it mixes paperwork, spreadsheets, schedules, and team discussion in one location. Quip docs are a single, collaborative workspace where anyone can view and make changes at the same time. 

With this substitute, you can get employees on a single page without having to schedule meetings or send out several emails. Additionally, Quip’s enhanced security capabilities help improve transparency, conformity, and management- thus protecting the security and privacy of the user.


Platforms: Web opens many facilities for smart notes to manage your daily pannings projects and updates. It is a collaborative app for sharing and creating notes with your teams, a small group, or an entire organization- anything is possible with However, managing personal documents is also possible. It doesn’t need to be your business or job projects; you can use this to maintain your school or college projects, share notes with them, do freelancing work and share with your team, and more. 

You will get 100+ file types to include in your note to enrich it and boost work productivity. It supports text blocks, images, math equations, digital content, and more. Besides, you can add links to any files like- Google Docs, Sharepoint, OneDrive, etc. 

  • BoxNotes


Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Whether you are taking business notes, planning schedules for tasks, or taking minutes of meetings, Box Notes brings you all this tank in a single platform. You can share your notes with your colleagues and team members with just a click. It’s not just about a team; you can also share these documents with any external organization or stakeholders. Every note you create in Box Note is secure and safe, giving you peace of mind. So, it doesn’t matter how confidential a project you are working on; you can note your plans on Box Note!

  • Todoist


Platforms: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Todolist is an effective platform to organize and achieve your everyday schedules. You can list every minute of your doings in this application and get a notification to make sure you are going with your plans. For example- listing ‘check emails at 9 am.’ will send you a reminder at the right time. Thus, you will always complete your daily goals. 

The advanced AI installed in this application customizes important schedules and helps you focus more on work. Besides, you will also get a voice assistant and 70+ other tools to make your work more flexible. 

  • Bear


Platforms: Only for iOS devices

Bear is an outstanding note tool for the iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. You will write whatever comes to mind anywhere, any time. It can be creative writing, educational tasks, business meeting schedules, or to-do lists. Bear note app is your ultimate solution. It has several themes and topography choices. You can also highlight important parts of your note and arrange them under different subheads. Bear also offers you a dark mode to help you easily note down your lists. 

  • Turtl


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Using Turtle, you can note down your booklist, daily schedule, shopping list, and more. Besides personal notes, you can also use them for team management. Sharing your project, short notes, meeting plans, etc. With your team members, it is possible with Turtle.

It is not only about organizing the task and increasing work efficiency; Turtl also protects your data with top-notch cryptography. It works vigorously to safeguard your security, whether you’re concerned about information breaches or gaining an advantage over competitors. And all these features make sTurtke a great alternative to Evernote. 


From the above-listed alternatives of Evernote, you can choose any one of them. However, if you want the best deal at affordable pricing, Onethread should be your ultimate solution. This task-managing software will help you and your team to note all your daily tasks and implement them appropriately. Also, Onethread offers you a free 30 days trial. So, why delay? Grab the opportunity right now- Get started with a free account!


What is the disadvantage of Evernote?

Evernote doesn’t have offline access, which is the biggest disadvantage of this planning and task-managing app. Besides, it has storage and device usage limitations too. 

Is OneNote better than Evernote?

OneNote has a similar feature to Evernote. You can write, type, draw, and add images and voices to both applications. But OneNote is a better choice than Evernote when it comes to offline access. 

Is there any free alternative to Evernote?

Yes, Google Keep, Microsoft Onenote, Simplenote, Joplin, Dropbox Paper, etc., are excellent free alternatives to Evernote. 

Is Evernote a Chinese company?

No, Evernote is a privately owned American company headquartered in Redwood City, California, USA.

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